Kitchen Table Model Inspiration for a Minimalist Home

Minimalist style is the most popular interior idea for kitchen countertops. How come? This simple kitchen table model is indeed suitable for all residences, especially minimalist-style dwellings. Well, for your inspiration, here are ten recommendations for a minimalist kitchen table model that will be suitable for the kitchen space in your home.

Minimalist Kitchen Table with Versatile Cabinet Model

Cabinets will certainly be indispensable for those of you who like to cook. This area can be used as a storage space for your various cooking needs, for example, food ingredients or cooking utensils. Therefore, in addition to being minimalist in style and saving space, this kitchen table will really help you. You no longer have to struggle to pick up the tools or ingredients you need when cooking. This is because you can take it easily from the available cabinet.

Minimalist Kitchen Island Model with Wheels

This kitchen island-type kitchen table is in great demand because of its minimalist and diverse model. This kitchen island also comes in various options. One of them has wheels, so it becomes a portable kitchen table. Do you want to cook in the backyard? It’s not that difficult! You can simply push your kitchen island into the back garden or any other place you want. So you can cook anywhere.

Minimalist Kitchen Table Model with Dining Table

The unification of the kitchen table with the dining table is a combination that is quite perfect. This makes your kitchen more comfortable because it has enough space. If your kitchen is narrow, a separate dining table and kitchen table will make your minimalist kitchen even more crowded. You may even be unable to move freely. Therefore, choose a kitchen table model that can be combined with a dining table like this.

Kitchen Table with Letter L Shape

The shape of the kitchen table like this is perfect for small to medium kitchens. It makes it easy for you to access all areas of the kitchen while cooking. This type of table is now one of the favorite table models in urban homes.

Letter U Model on a Minimalist

The narrow kitchen area is not a problem. If you do have a kitchen area like this, do design tricks to make your kitchen area feel spacious and multifunctional. One way is to use this U-shaped kitchen table. The existence of this letter U kitchen table makes you only need to turn your body to access other areas in the kitchen. For the best look, choose a soft kitchen table color like white so that your kitchen looks more spacious.


The problem that is often encountered from presenting a kitchen table is the narrow space that makes it difficult for you to cook. Not only that, the limited space can make it even more difficult if you are someone who tends to be very busy when cooking. But, you don’t have to worry. You can handle this problem well if you use a minimalist kitchen table with this one-level model. This kitchen table is quite simple and functional because it unites two tables at once in the form of a level. Of course, this kitchen table will make you more flexible in cooking.

Classic Wood

It’s not legal if we don’t discuss a minimalist kitchen table without including this classic wooden model. No need to overdo it. The wooden kitchen table provides comfortable and warm cooking feels for you. In addition, wooden kitchen tables are also available in various models. So you can adjust its function to your needs.

Multifunctional Kitchen Table

This one kitchen table can be very multifunctional because of the stove, and sink, and can be used as a dining table at the same time. Perfect. The design of the kitchen table today is experiencing rapid development. Currently, minimalist kitchen tables do not only put forward the simple side. It can also enrich itself with exclusive features. This makes a minimalist kitchen table function like a large kitchen table. It is very reliable for those of you who have a small kitchen.

Kitchen Table Rich in Drawers

Those of you who love tidiness can choose this one kitchen table. Of course, it is important for you to arrange goods according to their type and designation. For this reason, a minimalist kitchen table model with many drawers is the right choice.

The Presence of a Bookshelf

Not only serves as a cooking area, but this minimalist kitchen table can also be your reading area because it is equipped with a simple bookshelf. Spending time in the kitchen for a long time does sometimes create a feeling of boredom. You can’t leave your food out too long so it doesn’t burn.…

8 Kitchen Set Mistakes You Should Avoid

 Kitchen Set

To create a dream kitchen set design, you must know the mistakes when choosing a kitchen set and avoid them. For that, here are 10 common mistakes made when building a dream kitchen. Anything? Here’s the review.

Wrong Size of Refrigerator

Another mistake that many make is choosing the wrong refrigerator size. Many people think that choosing a refrigerator should be adjusted to the number of people in the house. But this is wrong. Choosing a refrigerator must be adjusted to your habits. If you are a person who never cooks, then you can buy a small refrigerator. However, if you plan to cook for your daily needs, then you will need a lot of space for storage. Remember if you choose the wrong refrigerator size, then you yourself will feel stressed.

Less Area for Countertop

One of the other mistakes that many make when choosing a kitchen set is choosing a kitchen set with a minimal countertop. The countertop is one aspect that is needed in your kitchen. In addition to putting your cooking utensils, countertops are also very important for where you prepare cooking ingredients.

If the countertop is too small or too narrow, it will be difficult for you to prepare your ingredients for large cooking. In addition, countertops that are too small or too narrow can also be dangerous. For example, when the preparation area is too small and you are in a hurry, it will be difficult for you to pick up the ingredients or cooking utensils you need. This can cause accidents such as spilled hot oil or other dangerous things.

Poor Faucet Quality

The next mistake when choosing a kitchen set is regarding the faucet that will be used in making your kitchen set. The faucet is one of the tools that will continue to be used in your kitchen. Therefore, you can make sure you choose a faucet that has high quality. Wouldn’t it be a pain to replace the faucet every time it broke?

 Choose White For All Your Kitchen Utensils

Using white for the kitchen is common. Many people think using white can give a spacious impression to your kitchen. However, actually using white for the kitchen also has its drawbacks. Besides being easy to get dirty, using all white will make your kitchen utensils empty. To form a layered and dynamic space, don’t hesitate to bring a variety of colors and materials into your kitchen set to give your kitchen a more lively impression.

Outdoor Kitchen Design That Is Too Open

When you want to build a kitchen, it is very important that you design your outdoor kitchen with the weather in mind. You will certainly use your kitchen both in the rainy season and summer, right? Therefore, consider heavy rain conditions when you are going to design an outdoor kitchen.

Designing A Kitchen For 1 User

Mistakes When Choosing a Kitchen Set The next is mistake when you design a kitchen for 1 user. Many people think that the kitchen will only be used for 1 person, whether the housewife knows you who live alone in your house. Though cooking is one thing that may be of interest to many people.

In conditions like this, designing a kitchen with a small size will make you and your guests feel overwhelmed. Not only a narrow area but the area used to prepare smaller meals together will also be a problem.

Thinking That The Upper Cabinet Is A Must

The next mistake when choosing a kitchen set is that many people think that using an upper cabinet is one of the things that must be done if you want to have a modern kitchen design. Many also think that the upper cabinet is very important for storage space.

However, if you want to buy this top cabinet, first make sure the kitchen design you have is suitable for the top cabinet. If not, you can still use other areas such as the area under the sink or the grocery prep area to store your kitchen utensils.

Design According To Norms Not Needs

Everyone has different kitchen needs. For example, for those of you who have a habit of making juice every day to start the day, you will definitely need a special area to put your juicer. Even though you want to make a kitchen with a clean minimalist concept, cleaning and removing your juicer every day will definitely be a hassle, right? This is one of the mistakes when choosing a kitchen set that is in accordance with the norms and not according to daily needs and habits.…

Tips For Choose a Minimalist House Floor Design

The floor of the house is one of the main supporters of the comfort and beauty of a house, there are lots of ideas that you can put into choosing a home design so that your home is more comfortable and looks more beautiful. the kinds of house floor design that you know from some of the references you have, it would be nice if you also choose a house floor design that is adjusted in advance to the concept and model of the house and the color of the wall paint you use, so that the mix of floor design with design The interior of your home looks more harmonious and neat.

To determine the design on the floor of your house, you first determine a few things that you may need to know so that the interior of your dominant home looks cleaner and neater, besides that the models and materials on the floor of the house also support the beauty of the house such as floors that may often be you meet, here are tips for choosing a minimal house floor design

Ceramic floor

Ceramic flooring is one of the most widely used materials in Indonesia as a floor or ground cover because ceramic floors have specifications that are very suitable for the climate in Indonesia, besides that ceramic floors also have many models and options that you can adjust to your interior design. your home.

Marble Floor

From the name alone, we can already guess that this floor is made of marble. Currently, marble floors are also increasingly in demand by people in Indonesia, besides being suitable for the climate in Indonesia, marble floors can also give a cool and beautiful impression to our homes, besides that marble floors also give a luxurious impression to your home.

 Granite Floor

Granite floors have properties that are almost similar to marble floors, which are cold and seem cool. In addition, granite floors also have a relatively small absorption capacity when compared to other floors. Currently, granite flooring has many models and natural colors such as wood grain, rocks, and also concrete so that it gives a natural impression to your home.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is a PVC-based floor that you can apply with wood, plaster, or ceramic floors. Vinyl flooring itself has flexible properties and is also coated with anti-scratch. Vinyl flooring has a lot of motifs and textures depending on the production process that uses digital printing technology, and this is one that affects the level of durability and quality of the Vinyl Floor itself.

Wooden Floor

A wooden floor or commonly called Parquet is a floor made of wood made with various shapes and sizes ranging from slabs to box shapes. Wood flooring itself has many types such as solid type, laminated, engineering, etc. for models of wooden floors, there are also many so you can choose a model that fits the interior of your home.

Carpet Floor

If you choose to use carpet flooring, first you know the model and type and floor needs. The carpet floor itself has 2 different types, the first is a unit carpet floor that you may be able to use as an accent to sweeten a particular room, and the second type is a permanent carpet floor type which is more suitable to be applied to rooms that use air conditioning so that the room seems warmer and more comfortable.

 Concrete or Plaster Floor

Concrete/plaster flooring is one of the cheapest and simplest types of flooring because this floor is made in the same way as when plastering and plastering the walls until they are smooth. Currently, Concrete/plaster floors are increasingly being used as a contemporary interior design style that is currently emerging.

How to Find Local Painting Contractors?


How do property owners know who are good painting firms and who aren’t? How do people find an excellent painter and not just individuals or companies who hired a good marketing firm to make their business look good? After all, it is a lot easier to make any company look impressive on the Internet.

What should people look for in a professional painting contractor? What questions should they ask? We will take a closer look at the benefits of hiring professional painting contractors. Here are some tips when looking for an excellent painting firm.

Evaluate their online site

Almost all professional contractors today have a webpage, since the online search is the equivalent of the Yellow Pages. But an impressive and slick site that looks good at first look (and is full of key phrases or keywords that can be found easily on the Internet) may not tell people a lot about the company itself. A good company website needs to have:

Real faces

People should be able to see the local owners on their website, even if the company is a nationwide franchise. It is a bonus point if customers can also see pictures of the firm’s staff and the actual professionals. It is a good thing if clients can see the firm’s projects on the company homepage, as well as their about page. Some firms show photos of their painters in various places or branches, so clients will know exactly who will be coming to their property.

For more details about essential painting supplies, click here for more information.

Photos of actual projects and not just stock photos you find on search engines

This one is a big deal and is a dead giveaway to see if the contractor has hired an excellent web developer to design something generic to rank well in search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Excellent contractors need to have a lot of pictures of actual projects to show the type and quality of their work.

How can clients tell if the webpage uses stock images?

Stock images look too perfect, too generic, and too polished. People do not see the style and individual personality that people would find in real family houses. Often times, customers will see stock images of paintbrushes, cans, or tools. Or if there are people in the picture, they will have posed like models, all smiles, and in generic settings.

A firm usually relies on these images because its portfolio of projects is not that good. Customers might see a large picture of an excellent kitchen at the top of their webpage that looks too generic. But if clients scroll down to their actual project pictures, they will find out that their portfolio is not that impressive.

Read reviews and feedbacks

It is imperative not to just look at feedback and reviews on one site. Check out reviews and feedback on at least five webpages like Google, Houzz, Angie’s List, Facebook, Better Business Bureau, or Yelp. Property owners want a grade of at least 4.5 on Google. Not only that, homeowners need to see how the company handled negative feedback or reviews.

A lot of contractors who have been in this industry longer than a couple of years will get some bad feedback or reviews here and there. Does the company’s side of the story sound reasonable and credible? How did they handle the situation? Did they treat these things with respect? Homeowners want to choose a contractor who is trustworthy and has tons of integrity.

How to check businesses in BBB, visit to find out more.


What kind of projects does the firm focus on?

Almost all professional contractors will mention exterior or interior, residential or commercial painting on their site. But a lot of these companies gravitate towards particular kinds of projects. Clients can usually gauge this by looking at website pictures. They need to make sure that the contractor they are planning to hire has competency in the kind of project clients have in mind.

For instance, if both New York and Los Angeles branches do exterior and interior painting, the New York branch might excel more in kitchen cabinet projects. The Los Angeles branch focuses more on working on local interior designs on high-end residential projects. Find a company that is good projects you have in mind.

Do they have general liability insurance and workers’ compensation?

We cannot imagine not having these insurances, and an excellent firm will have both. Workers’ compensation covers the company from any types of injuries workers get while on the job, and liability insurance will cover almost everything else, from spilled paint to broken mirrors. Both insurance policies are very important. Do not just ask painting contractors if they are insured.

Make sure that they have both workers’ …

How to Avoid the Most Common Plumbing Nightmares


 When you’re a homeowner, there are tons of things that could go wrong around the house. However, among the most common are plumbing issues. There are the most usual ones, from leaking or burst pipes to clogged drains or complicated issues to broken pipes and gas pipeline issues.

Besides headaches, plumbing issues are also rather expensive, especially when you can’t DIY the repair and you have to find emergency plumbing Sydney professionals to have it fixed for you. Of course, the more severe the problem, the costlier the repair or replacement will be.

So, as much as possible, you’ll want to avoid these plumbing issues. By preventing common problems, you can also avoid the most serious ones.

Tips to Avoid the Common Plumbing Issues

Below are several tips that can help homeowners avoid the mess and costs of a plumbing issue:

  1. Invest in a drain screen

As said, among the usual plumbing nightmares people face is a clogged drain. Aside from being frustrating, a clogged drain can also become a serious problem and lead to leaking, which then turns into an unsanitary and unhealthy environment. But this can actually be prevented by investing in a drain screen.

A drain screen protects your drains from foreign objects, including chunks of hair, food waste, and anything that does not belong down the drain.

  1. Never pour oil, grease, or fat down the drain

Another important thing you should always avoid is pouring fat, grease, and oil down the drain. This is also a common cause of blockage in drains since these substances harden and can stick to your pipes. If it accumulates, it could easily catch anything from dirt, foreign objects, and anything you don’t want on your pipes.

  1. Always check your plumbing system

Although you can’t do a thorough job of maintaining your plumbing system, you can do some checking on exposed pipes, valves, faucets, and plumbing fixtures like toilets, dishwashers, and washing machines. Check if there are leaks and, if you can, where the source is.

For example, if you suspect your toilet leaks, try pouring down food colouring on your toilet’s tank. Then wait overnight. If the coloured water ends up in the bowl the next day, it signifies a leak and the main culprit is the flush valve.

Instead of hiring an emergency plumbing Sydney contractor, you can actually fix the problem on your own. There are tons of YouTube videos and online tutorials on how to do it. It’s rather an easy task, so you won’t have to hire professionals that can cost you a hundred dollars at the least.

If you DIY, you would only have to spend a few dollars and some of your time.

  1. Have it professionally checked and maintained

While you can do some routine maintenance every now and then, it’s still different from having your plumbing system expertly checked. So, it’s nice to have it maintained at least twice a year, usually when the seasons start to change. Experts have the eye to spot even the smallest problem, and knowing what could possibly go wrong could help avoid issues from actually happening.

Sure, you will definitely have to spend money. But compared to having something broken, the money you spend for expert routine maintenance is definitely worth it.

  1. Avoid harsh cleaning agents

As much as possible, stay away from harsh cleaning agents, especially when it comes to drain cleaners and unclogging solutions. They could damage your pipeline and would shorten its lifespan, thus needing immediate replacement.

You can try at-home solutions, such as the baking soda treatment, at least once a month.…

Hiring A Licensed Plumber During The COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 is a virus discovered in 2019 that has largely changed the world in 2020. “CO”, stands for corona, “VI” stands for the virus, and D stands for the disease. Medically, COVID-19 causes severe acute respiratory syndromes. What makes it dangerous is that it can rapidly spread from one carrier to another. As such, an outbreak in almost all nations globally suddenly stops work and travel as people need to stay home to flatten the infection curve.

A man who flew from Wuhan, China to Melbourne was the first confirmed case of the novel coronavirus in Australia. It was announced by the Australian Health Department on 25 January 2020. From there, the COVID-19 outbreak started leading to the closure of Australian borders on 20 March 2020. Lockdowns and social distancing measures were imposed and obviously, a stranger’s visit to your house is risky.

But what if you’ll need a plumbing company Sydney service? Here are some tips for hiring a licensed plumber during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Source Out Plumbers Online

The safest way to find a plumbing company in Sydney is to do online research. You can first chat with your colleagues, family, and friends to ask for referrals. You can also google for plumbing companies near your location. Angie’s List and Yelp are some great websites that can help you find professional services. Read reviews for each plumbing company you are considering. Specifically, aim to read those dated after March 2020. You may be able to find some information if the plumbing company is safe to invite to your home despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

Check for Insurances, Licenses, and Warranties

The general rule of thumb when hiring a plumbing company in Sydney is to NEVER HIRE PLUMBERS WITHOUT A LICENSE. The license is proof that you are getting the reputable and right professional for your plumbing needs. Another thing to look for before hiring a plumber is if they have insurance. It is a protection that they can pay you once there are some mistakes or neglects made by the plumbers of a plumbing company. Last, a guarantee or warranty protects you from paying more costs in case problems to arise due to an improper plumbing installation or repair.

Make Sure that the Plumber You’ll Hire Is Taking Precautions

As everybody is taking precautions to be safe from COVID-19 and avoid the further spread of the virus, it is also important to ask what precautions a plumber or plumbing company has put in place. Plumbers go from one household to another. So, it’s best to ask what steps are they taking to avoid COVID-19 infection.

  • Do they monitor their team’s health?
  • How do they handle any ill members of the team?
  • Do they have an existing worker’s illness policy?
  • How do they sanitise their equipment and tools?
  • Do they offer contactless payment?

These questions can help you verify that the plumbing company is doing the best precautionary measures in preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Don’t Wait for Plumbing Emergencies to Happen

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it is best to avoid plumbing emergencies by scheduling regular maintenance and routine check of your plumbing system. As such, you’ll have the time to look for a plumbing company in Sydney that values health safety. If you don’t do ways to avoid plumbing emergencies, you may end up hiring plumbers who’ll pose you at risk of COVID-19.


When Should You Replace Home’s Piping by Front Royal Plumbers?

A plumbing system is one of your household’s most significant aspects, which is why you should find ways to prevent severe problems that may happen. In case of a failure, plumbing problems can affect your belongings and cause significant property damage.

Pipe connections and piping tend to wear off due to lack of maintenance, age, temperature fluctuations, low-quality installations, and components.

It is vital to enter here so that you can learn everything about detecting household leaks.

You have to imagine the amount of piping beneath your household’s walls and concrete to understand its importance.

However, before you chose to replace or repair a current system, you should know everything about the life cycle and indications that you should do something about it.

Let us start from the beginning.

Materials Will Determine Life Expectancy

The first thing you need to do is determine the type of material used for piping within your home. Different materials come with other pros and cons; you can evaluate durability by understanding the materials.

For instance, when you purchase a household, you will need to get an inspection report that will state the type and material used for it. Back in the day, people used clay, but it is not common anymore because it is not durable as other materials.

Each material comes with a specific lifespan, such as:

  • Galvanized steel can last between twenty and fifty years.
  • Cast iron plumbing can last up to a hundred years with regular maintenance.
  • Copper piping tends more than fifty years.
  • Brass materials last between forty and forty-five years.
  • Finally, PVC piping can last indefinitely.

Even though you can see that particular materials’ durability is exceptional in theory, you should know that other factors tend to affect the longevity, including mechanical components, pipe joints, and fittings that connect plumbing with your appliances fixtures.

Faulty and aged fixtures can affect the connection, which will result in water backups and leaks.

Signs That You Have Failing Piping

One of the most common and apparent signs that you have piping systems issues includes leaks, corrosion, and cracks. Of course, keep in mind that some problems are not transparent, which is why you need to learn how to detect them before it leads to structural havoc.

For instance, you should check wet baseboards, areas around sinks, and appliances that use water. In case you notice rust-colored water, it means that you have issues with pipes.

It would be best if you remembered that lousy water pressure could happen due to numerous reasons, including leak downstream from fixtures and clogged drain, among other things.

If you notice a rattling or gurgling sound that pipes make, the air is trapped inside, leading to severe blockage in the future.

We recommend inspecting enclosed areas and crawl spaces for humidity and mold infestation, which are other indicators that you have leaking issues.

Finally, the slow-moving drain is something you need to clear by finding a professional plumbing contractor that has proper tools and equipment to help you deal with an issue.

It is important to see this particular website: to learn more about buiding codes you should follow while replacing plumbing system.

Replace or Repair

You should know that replacing faulty fixtures, unblocking pipes, dealing with pipe connectors, and replacing exposed ones require a professional plumber. In most cases, the problem will not be transparent, which is why you will not notice it until it creates havoc.

Either problem can happen behind a wall or underground, which is why you need to prepare yourself for wall/floor repairs and demolition.

It would be best if you considered a great rule to replace plumbing while you decide to renovate the basement, bathroom, or kitchen. You can reduce the overall expenses by replacing faulty and exposed ones, especially if you do not have leakage.

However, you need to remove walls and inspect hidden joints and pipes to determine whether you should replace or repair them in some cases.

Importance of Water Pipe Replacement

  • Trenchless System is Effective Solution – Since the technology has advanced to a point where we cannot imagine our lives without it, you should know that the same thing goes for the plumbing industry. You can find innovative and latest options, including trenchless technologies that will eliminate damaging and expensive lawn digging. By choosing this particular method, professionals will use cured-in-place pipe to repair affected areas and deal with damages. It would help if you implemented pipe bursting, a sturdy heat that pushes away the existing line. Remember that this particular system will use a lengthy cavity to insert new pipes, which is effortless and seamless. Therefore, you can rest assured and replace the entire procedure without lawn-damaging and extensive trenching by using a small entry point.
  • Affordable Price Tag – Even though it seems