Painting or foiling caravans? Our tips… – MYSMALLHOUSE

ZReadingtime:5 minutesIf you are thinking about how to beautify your caravan or motorhome with a color in the interior, then you are certainly asking yourself the questions. Does that have to be painting? What kind of color? Then also grind? Or is a self-adhesive film not enough?

These are exactly the questions I asked myself when we were about to renovate our caravan. We basically opted for painting and foiled on some walls, so I like to make a comparison.

It is basically work, whether painting and painting or foiling.Let’s start with painting. ¬†I have already painted a lot, but so far no caravan that has a foiled surface inside. I also tried different colors (varnishes, natural colors, chalk paint, etc.), I wanted a color for our caravan that can fulfill several things.

1. It should not evaporate because the upcoming holiday was just around the corner.

2. It should be easy to apply and very important,

I thought that all the components would not fit together or would be difficult. My brother, a trained carpenter, has relatively much experience with the processing and longevity of colors, especially on furniture and advised me with my criteria to a very specific … Read More