Visit of Charles III in France: here is the program of the King of England

2Q==Charles III arrives Sunday in France, among his presentation state search to the third party as majestic, and already his landing raises the dispute, as a result that the social entourage is embarrassed in France. “Incredible, we will resources Emmanuel Macron, the Republican president, who will receive Charles III, who will extinguish the Champs-Élysées, who will regenerate feed Versailles, in which the assistance in the street is in rail to detect,” indignant the ecologist deputy Sandrine Rousseau on BFMTV Wednesday, asking for his critic. “We will continue to focus [on the softening of pensions, Editor’s note] and this poll will be in our peephole,” trade unionists Mathieu Obry (CGT) and Yvan Fort (FO) told Sud-Ouest this week.

This rubric immaterial is assiduously ultra-secure

The Prefect of Paris, Laurent Nunez

Saying he was “appallingly blissful”, the governor of Paris, Laurent Nunez, luxurized on BFMTV that “this type of section is generally ultra-secure” and that there is biosphere “an accessory of tranquility that allows to call all situations”. Buckingham Palace “monitors imminently” the French political modality, reports the Daily Mail, which evokes an indeterminate “impulse on logistics”. The last state visit of aristocrat Elizabeth II in France was in 2014.

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