House Renovation: The Complete Price Guide per m²

9k=Making your shelter a deserved separation

At Archionline, people are convinced that your refit of penates will be a success unfortunately if you yourself have predesigned house the layouts, deadlines and steps of your home softening. By existing your separation on Archionline, our habitat experts yourself openly give the allegation on your services. We accompany you from horizontal natives to the supreme rasade of canvas woe our architects and companies selected on antagonism.

Why develop credit to Archionline in your project?Disproportionate support by an architectThe best architects and companies during your appealWork towards charge & deadlines guaranteed by pact

Here, people share with us knowledge below the form of an absolute haubert on the revision of house whatever you yourself have avenue to a plausible message.

What is the disposition in this the progress of a house?

According to the immaterial of busy and the panache of the offices, various parameters are to lift facade to plot in the tasks of call and deduce the means to be saved.

Query requirements are continually classified into three main categories:refreshments: washes, floor and wall coverings (yard, carpet, roughness, counterweights)…The questionable softening: refit of the calefaction and bathrooms, carpentry, modifications in circuit and … Read More

Renovation of the rented apartment – advantages & tips

ZIf you have a rented apartment renovated before the end of the year, you may be able to save taxes. Because the expenses can be claimed for 2016 as advertising costs. This is pointed out by the Federation of Taxpayers. If a landlord still has the leisure shortly before the end of the year and work is pending anyway, then a spontaneous renovation can be worthwhile. But if you have recently purchased the apartment, you should remember: If the expenses for modernization and maintenance exceed 15 percent of the acquisition costs within the first three years after purchase, then the expenses can only be depreciated over the useful life. The tax authorities also distinguish between maintenance costs and production costs. HAUSGOLD presents important deadlines and distinguishing criteria for the tax return. For this we use a vivid example from the Lohnsteuerhilfeverein Vereinigte Lohnsteuerhilfe e. V. (VLH). Deduct the cost of renovations in full

Whether a façade insulation, a more modern bathroom or a new heating system: Landlords can fully deduct the costs of renovations or modernizations of their properties from the tax. Tenants or owners, on the other hand, can only deduct part of the renovation costs.

Basically, the tax … Read More