Renovation after water damage: Who pays for the costs? –

9k=This is bad: If you suddenly stand at home in the water, lasting damage and renovation measures are the logical consequence. Image: PixabayA broken pipe or a broken washing machine – the causes of water damage in residential buildings can be manifold. What is clear, however, is what happens after the water damage, because renovation is always necessary. But this is where the problems begin. Who is liable for the damage? Does Bathroom Renovations liability or household contents insurance pay? We answer the most important financial questions about renovation after water damage.A leak occurs every 30 seconds

Anyone who believes that it cannot affect them is far from it. From a purely statistical point of view, it is even relatively likely that you will also have to struggle with a leak and subsequent water damage in your home in the future. More than 1 million water damages are reported annually to building insurers. Calculated down, a leak occurs every 30 seconds and thus water-related damage in German living spaces.

For many people, however, water damage is not too sleep-depriving an issue, at least not financially. Because while voluntary bathroom renovation or renovation work of course has to be reached into … Read More