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ZFBathroom Renovations or owners: Is it worth renovating before selling or renting?

Owning a house or apartment also entails great responsibility. Because whether as a rental apartment or personal use, it is not enough to invest a large sum for the purchase of a home or house construction and then to benefit from the home or rental income for the rest of your life. As an owner, you must constantly repair, repair and renovate to maintain property value. If you now want to rent or even sell your property, then the question arises: Is it worthwhile to put in money for a renovation in order to increase the property value and ultimately achieve a higher selling price or a higher rent? The answer is: it depends! When does a renovation make sense?

Many factors play a role in the sale or rental of a property. For example, if you inherit your parents’ house in a secluded, rural neighborhood that your father built with his own hands, but little has been done about it since then, then you will not recoup the cost of a complete house renovation by selling or renting it. In (almost) all other cases, however, you … Read More