Renovation obligation when moving out: Do you have to paint? – ImmoScout24

2Q==The move is imminent. But do you actually have to delete now? We’ll tell you what landlords can demand from you – and which requirements you can ignore because they are invalid.

The most important facts in brief:In principle, landlords are obliged to preserve the substance of the property . This obligation cannot be transferred to tenants.Tenants are only obliged to carry out cosmetic repairs if there is a valid clause in the rental agreement. The apartment does not have to be returned in a better condition than when moving in.An invalid clause is, for example, that cosmetic repairs must be carried out Bathroom Renovations by professional companies or if it is generally stipulated that a renovation must take place every two years.If it has been agreed that the apartment will be handed over “swept clean”, it only needs to be roughly cleaned

Tenants are required to make occasional renovations. Although the obligation to carry out cosmetic repairs and renovations is actually on the part of the landlords (cf. § 535 paragraph I BGB), in most cases it is contractually passed on to the tenants. Thus, in many cases, you still have no choice but to paint the apartment when … Read More