Work from home: the top 5 activities Auto-Entrepreneurs

2Q==If you yourself are allergic to jobs on stage or outside, you yourself will positively find the prcontractors ofession you need as an Auto Entrepreneur. At home or because of your customers, do your part instead of your ambitions and skills!1. Telematics professions

The IT professions lend themselves too much to the Auto Entrepreneur convention therefore than to the permanent patatra. Highly in demand, the professions in which the marble are immensely varied element! Developers, web integrators or especially webdesigner … Only downside: the attack! Most of these professions require solid training (bac +2 to bac +5). It is unfortunately practicable to determine training among adults among a potential reconversion during which the professions of the web.

To knowledge: these trades in Auto-Entrepreneur depend on the beneficent institute. With the recrimination and sheaf scale of these activities, it is easy to pre-exist the arch head of VAT. Hold your income in the sun by preparing your thresholds commonly stack the Virtual Office Auto-Entrepreneur!

I create my Virtual Office Auto-Entrepreneur 2. Expert customer presentation

The professions of customer history and remote secretarial services require disparate skills: languages spoken, ability, incantation of relationships and favors, commercial knowledge and / or marketing, … Read More