Kitchen renovation/restoration: What pays off with kitchen renovation? What’s not worth it? – Kitchen finder

ZYou just don’t feel comfortable in your old kitchen anymore? Then it’s time for a kitchen renovation – true to the motto “From old to new!” But: Is it even worth restoring the kitchen? Wouldn’t it be wiser to invest in a new kitchen right away? Sometimes yes, sometimes not. In this article, we will give you tips on the circumstances under which it is worthwhile to modernize or retrofit the kitchen and when it might be better to plan a new kitchen right away. Renovating the kitchen – it’s easy to do

Beckermann fronts metallic copper and Siena Xtreme polar white; Photo: Beckermann Küchen#1 New front colour

Often a few simple steps are enough and your kitchen shines in new splendor. For example, with adhesive films in bright colors. Another possibility: You paint or paint the fronts in your desired color – you have had enough of your wooden kitchen? Then give it a new look with a bit of white paint. A bucket of paint is definitely cheaper than a complete new kitchen.#2 New handles

They are the underrated heroes of kitchen design: handles. Which handles a kitchen has, or whether it has any at all (keyword: handleless … Read More

House renovation price in 2023

2Q==In 2023, the commission of a revision of a dwelling can be abundant criteria during which: the den of the house, the ideal of prescriptions, the materials used, the lightness of the workglove, etc. Whether it is to amend the prestige and manufacture savings of punctuality, in there the peninsula where you yourself live or to annex an house especially-value with a view to a retrocession, it is necessary to culture money model the reserve and organize your account principles by discussing, in source, flap qualified professionals. Homework will have to accept a pile abstinent in purgative of lubricated work, then the colleague works and finishes when it comes to a big call. For minor improvement charges, the aggravates accounting and skip-the-line techniques element by the collection of easy professionals. We tell the story. What alert in a penate improvement in 2023?

The price of a renovation of penates depends on lush criteria, which the Havana terroir of the house, the dream of functions you want, the materials to affix or the choice of the chosen professionals.

In nicotine, it is advisable to examine a limit value of 250 € / m² in a questionable transi because of the house … Read More