Respatex | Seamless & waterproof wall cladding

9k=The Respatex system at a glanceFrom the individual panels to the complete wall system – Respatex offers sustainable and cost-effective solutions. That’s why Respatex is used in many private and public buildings and facilities. Our collections Bathroom Renovations

Set individual accents with our different collections.You have the choice between many fresh colors, different surfaces and structures.

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Respatex is used in many homes and public facilities, such as hospitals, hotels, supermarkets or sanitary facilities.

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Waterproof, seamless & easy-care walls

The Respatex wall elements are installed five times faster than tiles. The sustainable and easy-care Respatex wall elements can be easily and quickly mounted on any new and old wall surface.

Simple & fast installation on any surface

Environmentally friendly products for a healthy living environment

25-year manufacturer’s warranty for our durable wall elements

Respatex has many advantages, especially compared to traditional tiles or tiles. The manufacturer guarantees a manufacturer’s warranty on the panels for colour fastness, waterproofness and stain resistance of 25 years! How to get your waterproof wall elements

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