How to renew old kitchen fronts

9k=You don’t like the fitted kitchen in the new apartment? Or your kitchen cabinets have seen better days, but a new kitchen is just not in it? Often small changes are enough to save the complete exchange for the time being. We have a few ideas on how you can renew your old kitchen fronts with little effort.

1. Paint kitchen kitchen fronts. The varnish is off, your once so beautiful kitchen is visibly getting old? Kitchen fronts made of real wood or real wood veneer can be refurbished by a carpenter professional.

If you can no longer see the wood tone of your kitchen furniture, a new coat of paint is definitely due. Depending on the material, kitchen fronts can be painted easily and inexpensively. When painting the kitchen fronts, do not be afraid of dark shades. A matt black looks noble and also gives a country-style kitchen a modern look.

Tip: Replace foiled kitchen fronts with special varnish. Detailed instructions can be found here.

2. Glue kitchen fronts. There is a quirk in the closet door? You want a new color for the foiled or would like to set a few colored accents? Doors and drawers can be … Read More