►Tenancy law: Rent reduction due to renovation

9k=In order to maintain a property in a good habitable condition in the long term, renovation and refurbishment work is necessary from time to time. But especially the renovation work often brings a lot of dust and construction noise with it. Not in every case, however, a rent reduction is justified because of a renovation. However, there are other points that must be taken into account by both the owner and the tenant. Modernisation and conservation measures

Insulation work ( © maho / fotolia.com)It is basically in the nature of things that noise and dirt arise during renovation and conversion work. In tenancy law, however, instead of these common terms, modernization and maintenance measures are spoken, which is specifically formulated under § 555b BGB. Tenants have to tolerate this work in and on the house, because after all, the property should not deteriorate, which could ultimately be disadvantageous for both the landlord and the tenant and would lead to unnecessary legal disputes. Important facts about rent reduction due to renovation

if the contractual use of the residential property is impaired by modernization and maintenance measures as well as by construction work in the immediate vicinity, the tenant is entitled to … Read More