Replacing kitchen fronts » These costs are to be expected

9k=If the veteran kitchen looks a bit worn, it does not have to be completely renewed. With new kitchen fronts and a new worktop, a kitchen often shines again in new splendour – at a small part of the costs that would have to be calculated for a new kitchen including installation. In our interview, the cost check expert tells you what costs are incurred for new kitchen fronts and what they depend on.Question: How much do new kitchen fronts cost?

Cost check expert: This can vary greatly from case to case. In this case, the costs range from several hundred euros to several thousand euros, depending on which kitchen it is in which dimensions and with which fronts you want to redesign it.

There are many different possibilities to cover fronts or have them manufactured.

First of all, a distinction must be made:whether there are replacement fronts for the kitchenwhether fronts are made to measure by professional manufacturerswhether you want to manufacture and install fronts yourself

The prices are very different, depending on which way you choose.

It is usually most cost-effective if there are still suitable exchange fronts for your own kitchen model. This can be the case … Read More