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ZAre you looking for a good craftsman for kitchen renovation from kitchen Vienna? We collect and review providers in the field of kitchen renovations who are active inVienna and the surrounding area. Send your request to interested professionals in the field of kitchen renovationsto find out approximate prices and find out what costs you can expect for your project. Cheapcarpenters for kitchen renovation from Vienna, who can carry out the following services for you: renewal of the kitchen, change of the kitchen worktop, belt replacement and other services can be found easily and quickly here:

Hello! Ask for a quote for Kitchen Base. Since I am 28.09.2022 – 01.10.2022 inclusive in Vienna, I would be grateful for a meeting. The exact dimensions for the base are: 167.20 x 16.20 cm, 167.50 x 16.20 cm, 97.30 x 16.20 cm, 97.00 x 16.20 cm. The base would have to be covered with a foil, silver or anthracite. Please contact us. Thank you. Yours sincerely,Ingrid B.

Dear Sir or Madam, I have a Vonderstedt kitchen, 12 years old, cream high gloss, a bit old. The body should be preserved, so the fronts should be renewed incl. worktops and back wall, kitchen appliances all … Read More

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9k=If you want to renovate your bathroom, you can save a lot of money by making your own contribution. We show the work steps from the installation technology to the assembly of toilets and Co. From A-Z: Renovating bathrooms

Bright, friendly and modern – the bathroom renovation is worth it! Photo: sidm / TDVon A-Z: Renovating bathrooms

Under connection profiles (UW profiles on ceiling and floor, CW profile on walls) glue sealing tape for more sound insulation. Photo: sidm / TDVon A-Z: Renovating bathrooms

Screw connection profiles every meter with screw plugs, adjust CW stand profiles. Photo: sidm / TDVon A-Z: Renovating bathrooms

Centre distance of the stand profiles for 125 cm plates and cross planking 62.5 cm. For fastening, use quick-build screws with fine threads.

Practical tip: Never screw panels into direct contact with adjacent components, always provide small joints to walls, floors and ceilings, which are later elastically closedPhoto: sidm / TDVon A-Z: Renovate bathrooms

Use only impregnated plasterboard! Screw them on impact. For cutting, scratch the surface and break through the plate over an edge. Photo: sidm / TDVon A-Z: Renovating bathrooms

Plan at least 40 cm edge offset from row to row (no cross joints!). Important: … Read More