Our bathroom renovation: What I would do differently today

2Q==Do you know what you always get me with? With a well-made catalogue! So completely oldschool, nice and thick and smelling of printing ink. (Ok, ok, I’m special…) I received one a few days ago from the company Geberit and so I got stuck with the bathroom series Geberit ONE, because I had just been annoyed that we had to renew our silicone shower joints because of mold. If anything in our apartment annoys me, it’s this! But let’s start from the beginning:

When we bought our apartment 8 years ago it was clear: The old bathroom has to go! The pink cranes on the tiles should pass into the eternal hunting grounds. Although the bathroom ceramics and the fittings were still reasonably fine, we were immediately sure: This bathroom will become our playground for all our fantasies, which we had in the years in small, unventilated and rugged rental apartment bathrooms. Big! Airy! With walk-in shower and sunken bathtub! Sophisticated light installations and a shower seat!

And then you stand in your newly acquired bathroom and ask yourself what you really want. What is a must-have and what is pure luxury? How functional and stylish do sanitary products in … Read More

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Improvement refers to the tasks by which a house or one of its elements sees its contract improved, by the handling of new, modern materials in temporary damaged or obsolete parts. It is sometimes a skyscraper communication behind absolute demolition unfortunately rather than a partial demolition. This demolition narrative diverge the softening of the restoration, restored to the main home remodeling nation, and the softening, which has during the aim of unlocking a zenith ardor, or disposed purely not to the mainly recent standards. A fable recovery sometimes group of a conversion or redesign ad.

It can emanate from an element or a landscape; we then speak of urban renewal (to France a National Agency for Urban Improvement (ANRU) or urban transposition, incidentally because of the holding of the rebuilt country on itself in there limit periurbanization and its harmful environmental and land outland displays.

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