Bathrooms – plan, design and furnish

2Q==In the bathroom, people want to feel comfortable and be able to relax. For some, the bathtub plays a central role, others a shower is enough – and would like to have two sinks. No wonder builders spend a lot of time planning, designing and furnishing their bathroom. You do not have to leave both the planning and the manual tasks completely to the professionals, but can do many things yourself.

Nowadays, the bathroom is often more than just a wet room for personal hygiene. Designer bathtubs, interior design master solutions for even the smallest (dream) bathrooms as well as high-quality materials between marble and natural stones bear witness to this. Two sinks, bathtub and space for green plants: Before planning the bathroom, builders should consider what is a must for them. Photo: / fotolia.deBathroom planning: where to put shower and toilet

A sink and a toilet are the minimum equipment. But there are plenty of options: Should it be a bathtub or a shower? Or even both? Bidet and urinal are rather optional extras. Having your own dressing table in the bathroom could even be described as a luxury – or a waste of space. Depending on your … Read More