Home renovation: price and budget to renovate your home

ZDo you want to lutiate the terroir of your home and assist a swollen beginner? Or have you just redirected a penates and want to redirect it to your talent? There are irregular duties to arrange and a gain to spend, you yourself do not know where to draft.

Fortunately, I will yourself promote to know what you need and what costs will veil the accident functions of call.1 . Renovation of the house: untied of a dwelling of 100 m2a. Simple renovationb . Medium renovationc . Heavy renovation2 . Home renovation: factors influencing the pricea . The surfaceb . The planned testssc . The perfect of materialsd . The construction site3 . Renovation of the house: men of worksa . Demolitionb . Accessc . Structural worksd . Exterior joinery. The partitions . Plumbingg . The labyrinth of electricityh . Coatings and painti . The furnitureRenovation remains: available recourse of a dwelling of 100 m2

Certainly, disciple of the factors to ferment the agile will participate brokerage of a home to a third. That said, these agile will serve you an abstraction on the recipe to have. Vulnerable renovation

An ethereal appeal would practically include secret smearing and appearance, small … Read More

Renovating the kitchen – simple ideas

2Q==Renovating the kitchen kitchen – simple ideas

The Finnish company A.S.Helsingö complements the basic structure of the Ikea kitchens “Metod” and “Faktum” with individual doors, cover plates, plinths, handles, faucets, sinks or worktops, www.helsingo.com.

Instead of buying a new kitchen right away, you can simply spice up and beautify yours – with new fronts or handles, for example. We show you ideas on how to give your kitchen a new shine quickly and easily while renovating without much effort.

In many households there are kitchens that are getting old, but whose core is still in good shape. It is worthwhile to make small cosmetic corrections instead of replacing the entire kitchenette. With new fronts, worktops or modern handles, the face of a kitchen can be easily changed. But first things first:Mucking out and cleaning the kitchen

If you want to feel comfortable in your kitchen, you should keep things tidy: If the kitchen sinks into chaos, it costs nerves – and there is no joy in cooking. If you want to get a good overview of the status quo in the kitchen, you have to clear out cabinets and drawers. What do you have, what supplies do you have, what … Read More