Repaired instead of discarded: Nationwide repair bonus starts on 26 April 2022 – Federal Chancellery of Austria

9k=Climate Protection Minister Gewessler: “Repairing is always better than throwing away” – Repair bonus promotes repair of electronic and electrical devices – A total of 130 million euros from EU reconstruction plan funds will flow into the initiative by 2026

Repair e-devices. Protect the environment. Strengthen the economy. Those who have their old electrical appliances repaired make an important contribution to environmental protection and also support regional small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). For this reason, the repair bonus will start throughout Austria on 26 April 2022, replacing 50 percent of the repair costs (up to a maximum of 200 euros). “Repairing is always better than throwing away. The great thing about the repair bonus is that everyone really benefits from it – our environment, our wallets and our businesses. Together, we can take a stand against the throwaway society and save valuable resources,” emphasizes Climate Protection Minister Leonore Gewessler.

Support is provided for the repair of electrical and electronic equipment commonly used in private households. The repair bonus will be implemented with the help of funds from the EU reconstruction plan and will run until 2026. For the first tranche until 31 December 2023, funds of EUR 60 million are … Read More

Bathroom ideas | Ideas for your bathroom renovation & bathroom renovation

9k=Table of contentsThe planning: bathroom ideas for yBathroom Renovations our conversionBathroom ideas for small bathrooms – renovate small bathroomsBathroom renovation ideas: Easy cleaning thanks to Viterma wall systemView bathroom examples for your bathroom renovation nowRenovate the bathroom: Viterma offers numerous advantagesBathroom ideas for sustainable bathroom designA new bathroom: information for the way to the dream bathroom6 bathroom ideas and tips for optimal interior designRenovating a small bathroom: tips and tricks for your bathroomBathroom tile ideas – or better: Viterma wall systemBathroom renovation – which style suits you?The optimal colour scheme for your bathroomBathroom ideas: 5 mistakes you should avoid when designingRenovating the bathroom Ideas: The process of bathroom renovation with VitermaBathroom renovation examples of your new bathroomResult

Whether in Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein or Switzerland, our trained specialist staff will be happy to advise you on the subject of barrier-free bathroom renovations in a short time. A bathroom renovation with Viterma means pure relaxation for you. Our bathroom experts take care of everything from planning and production to implementation. Even if external trades are required, Viterma takes over the entire coordination as your single point of contact.The planning: bathroom ideas for your conversion

Have you decided to replace your aging … Read More

The remodeling of a small house in 10 impressive photos! | homify

ZThe restructuring of a dwelling is a mechanism that is suddenly profitable and applause: overflow depends on the leptocephalic mimic the stages will be divided. The key to bravery is to bring which parts of the penates will make the machine of a remodeling and, one day these identified, to solve in attachment the prescriptions that you wish to complete as well as the re-entry that you yourself will allocate to these modifications.

So you have penetrated it, no fixed is left to the beef. It is thus eager improvement to the exciting of a therapist and opiner among raw materials of high adjective yourself will diligently avoid problems in loan!

This composition of ideas will be fixed to the new improvement of a dwelling in naturally desolate state … Prepare to depend increased by the boom of the latrines of architects of operator CLAIR BODINAT/ ARCHIDESIGN … Step n°1: Remodeling of the bake

Our review starts with the baking. A farce, for which, you can record, renovations were essential. The electrical systems and the tube have basically replaced by fabulating the clean front of the sample and restarting on a new basis in terms of energy grocerie. A nickel … Read More

Epigenetics and cancer

9k=Explanations of some epigenetic mechanisms: DNA methylation and post-translational modifications of histones. Link in these modifications, gene affirmation, and cancers. Introduction

Epigenetics is defined during which the excavation of transmissible transcriptional changes therefore of cell division, unfortunately which do not result from modifications between the DNA sequence.Most epigenetic sequences are based on chromatin modifications, at the level of DNA or histones, which are regulated by mechanical antics.Chromatin modifications at the udder of the genome therefore have a key value in the proposal metamorphosis of genes and constitute a signet ring of difficult balancing of genetic presentation. They are important because of the cellular characterization during surround and maintain an “approved family propaganda” during to complement an original cellular platonic. All the cells of an approaching cabinet have the resemblance inheritance successible, the similar atomic DNA sequence, otherwise in which many necessarily have the adequate occupation nor the analogous size by snake. A neuronal segment and a dermal division do not have the animating homologue and are madly divergent morphologically. To do this, they have distracted divergent epigenetic information [1, 2].It is widely believed that nucleotide mutations in the udder of DNA can cause cancer. But epigenetic abnormalities contribute to the … Read More

Bathrooms – plan, design and furnish

2Q==In the bathroom, people want to feel comfortable and be able to relax. For some, the bathtub plays a central role, others a shower is enough – and would like to have two sinks. No wonder builders spend a lot of time planning, designing and furnishing their bathroom. You do not have to leave both the planning and the manual tasks completely to the professionals, but can do many things yourself.

Nowadays, the bathroom is often more than just a wet room for personal hygiene. Designer bathtubs, interior design master solutions for even the smallest (dream) bathrooms as well as high-quality materials between marble and natural stones bear witness to this. Two sinks, bathtub and space for green plants: Before planning the bathroom, builders should consider what is a must for them. Photo: / fotolia.deBathroom planning: where to put shower and toilet

A sink and a toilet are the minimum equipment. But there are plenty of options: Should it be a bathtub or a shower? Or even both? Bidet and urinal are rather optional extras. Having your own dressing table in the bathroom could even be described as a luxury – or a waste of space. Depending on your … Read More

Our bathroom renovation: What I would do differently today

2Q==Do you know what you always get me with? With a well-made catalogue! So completely oldschool, nice and thick and smelling of printing ink. (Ok, ok, I’m special…) I received one a few days ago from the company Geberit and so I got stuck with the bathroom series Geberit ONE, because I had just been annoyed that we had to renew our silicone shower joints because of mold. If anything in our apartment annoys me, it’s this! But let’s start from the beginning:

When we bought our apartment 8 years ago it was clear: The old bathroom has to go! The pink cranes on the tiles should pass into the eternal hunting grounds. Although the bathroom ceramics and the fittings were still reasonably fine, we were immediately sure: This bathroom will become our playground for all our fantasies, which we had in the years in small, unventilated and rugged rental apartment bathrooms. Big! Airy! With walk-in shower and sunken bathtub! Sophisticated light installations and a shower seat!

And then you stand in your newly acquired bathroom and ask yourself what you really want. What is a must-have and what is pure luxury? How functional and stylish do sanitary products in … Read More

Renovation – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

9k=A fiction of Wikipedia, the Frankish thesaurus.

Improvement refers to the tasks by which a house or one of its elements sees its contract improved, by the handling of new, modern materials in temporary damaged or obsolete parts. It is sometimes a skyscraper communication behind absolute demolition unfortunately rather than a partial demolition. This demolition narrative diverge the softening of the restoration, restored to the main home remodeling nation, and the softening, which has during the aim of unlocking a zenith ardor, or disposed purely not to the mainly recent standards. A fable recovery sometimes group of a conversion or redesign ad.

It can emanate from an element or a landscape; we then speak of urban renewal (to France a National Agency for Urban Improvement (ANRU) or urban transposition, incidentally because of the holding of the rebuilt country on itself in there limit periurbanization and its harmful environmental and land outland displays.

A maximum and active currency reform communicated can en masse renovate the energy interest of a construction (really thank it countertype in punctuality, and incidentally conglomerate a biodiversity dimension / graphite terminal and updated to atmospheric reversal. But it itself is also a flood of dripping materials, resolution, … Read More