This is how the conversion succeeds with Wohn-Riester

2Q==What awaits you here

How the age-appropriate conversion with Wohn-Riester works, how you apply for the removal and which requirements you absolutely have to comply with.

The most important facts in brief

Since 2014, the legBathroom Renovations islator has allowed the financing of age-appropriate conversion via residential Riester.

For this, some time and financial requirements must be observed.

For the conversion, at least half DIN requirements for barrier-free construction/living must be complied with.

The converted property is to be inhabited by yourself, so may not be rented.

A use of the residential Riester for renovations or similar measures, which do not serve the age-appropriate conversion, is excluded.

While Wohn-Riester has existed since 2008, the disabled- and age-appropriate conversion has only been funded since 2014. If such a conversion is planned, it must inevitably be age- and disability-friendly. The legislator wants to enable Riester savers to use their saved Riester capital to continue to enjoy retirement in their own four walls. A general modernization of the property or individual parts of it, however, may not be transferred to residential Riester. Commissioning an expert is essential

An expert must be consulted at the early stages of the planning phase. This must … Read More

How tenants get a new bathroom

2Q==How tenBathroom Renovations ants get a new bathroom

Updated 02/08/2022Reading time: 3 min.

Bathrooms: Tenants are not entitled to renewal as long as nothing is broken. (Source: Andrea Warnecke/dpa)

The bathroom as a gem – many tenants want to fulfill this dream. The landlord can help, but he does not have to. Those who therefore renovate on their own should protect themselves.

Crumbling joints, unsightly tiles, dark edges in the toilet: it’s time for a bathroom makeover. In most cases, this is a complex undertaking. Tenants are faced with the question of whether they are entitled to a fundamental renovation of the bathroom with their landlord or whether they have to take matters into their own hands.

Housing companies usually spruce up bathrooms every 25 to 30 years. “This usually happens in the course of extensive renovation work on the entire residential buildings,” explains a spokesman for the Federal Association of German Housing and Real Estate Companies (GdW), which represents around 3,000 companies. Such a basic renovation usually falls under the term modernization, which in turn can lead to a rent increase.No entitlement to certain equipment

Long-established tenants are not entitled to a modern, beautiful bathroom. The same applies … Read More

Renovating Bathrooms – Costs & Tips | Building and living in Switzerland

ZBathInterior finish

The renovation of the bathroom is hardly avoidable after many years of daily use, not only to restore freshness and well-being as on the first day, but also to have important components, pipes and sanitary facilities checked and replaced. In this article, we will show you what to consider and what costs you have to expect.

3 September 2019

The bathroom is a very important part of the living concept in our time. Long gone Bathroom Renovations are the days when the so-called wet room simply served the minimum necessary personal hygiene. Nowadays, most people want to have their own little wellness oasis where they can pamper themselves and relax.

Accordingly, bathrooms have become more and more luxurious, comfortable and elegant. In the case of new buildings, generous planning and investments are usually made from the outset. More and more homeowners are also deciding to renovate the bathroom, on the one hand to revel in luxury themselves and on the other hand to ensure the value retention of the house or often even to achieve an increase in value. Because it is now known: with a modern bathroom and a high-quality kitchen, the value of the house stands … Read More

Bathroom ideas | Ideas for your bathroom renovation & bathroom renovation

9k=Table of contentsThe planning: bathroom ideas for yBathroom Renovations our conversionBathroom ideas for small bathrooms – renovate small bathroomsBathroom renovation ideas: Easy cleaning thanks to Viterma wall systemView bathroom examples for your bathroom renovation nowRenovate the bathroom: Viterma offers numerous advantagesBathroom ideas for sustainable bathroom designA new bathroom: information for the way to the dream bathroom6 bathroom ideas and tips for optimal interior designRenovating a small bathroom: tips and tricks for your bathroomBathroom tile ideas – or better: Viterma wall systemBathroom renovation – which style suits you?The optimal colour scheme for your bathroomBathroom ideas: 5 mistakes you should avoid when designingRenovating the bathroom Ideas: The process of bathroom renovation with VitermaBathroom renovation examples of your new bathroomResult

Whether in Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein or Switzerland, our trained specialist staff will be happy to advise you on the subject of barrier-free bathroom renovations in a short time. A bathroom renovation with Viterma means pure relaxation for you. Our bathroom experts take care of everything from planning and production to implementation. Even if external trades are required, Viterma takes over the entire coordination as your single point of contact.The planning: bathroom ideas for your conversion

Have you decided to replace your aging … Read More

Bathrooms – plan, design and furnish

2Q==In the bathroom, people want to feel comfortable and be able to relax. For some, the bathtub plays a central role, others a shower is enough – and would like to have two sinks. No wonder builders spend a lot of time planning, designing and furnishing their bathroom. You do not have to leave both the planning and the manual tasks completely to the professionals, but can do many things yourself.

Nowadays, the bathroom is often more than just a wet room for personal hygiene. Designer bathtubs, interior design master solutions for even the smallest (dream) bathrooms as well as high-quality materials between marble and natural stones bear witness to this. Two sinks, bathtub and space for green plants: Before planning the bathroom, builders should consider what is a must for them. Photo: / fotolia.deBathroom planning: where to put shower and toilet

A sink and a toilet are the minimum equipment. But there are plenty of options: Should it be a bathtub or a shower? Or even both? Bidet and urinal are rather optional extras. Having your own dressing table in the bathroom could even be described as a luxury – or a waste of space. Depending on your … Read More

Our bathroom renovation: What I would do differently today

2Q==Do you know what you always get me with? With a well-made catalogue! So completely oldschool, nice and thick and smelling of printing ink. (Ok, ok, I’m special…) I received one a few days ago from the company Geberit and so I got stuck with the bathroom series Geberit ONE, because I had just been annoyed that we had to renew our silicone shower joints because of mold. If anything in our apartment annoys me, it’s this! But let’s start from the beginning:

When we bought our apartment 8 years ago it was clear: The old bathroom has to go! The pink cranes on the tiles should pass into the eternal hunting grounds. Although the bathroom ceramics and the fittings were still reasonably fine, we were immediately sure: This bathroom will become our playground for all our fantasies, which we had in the years in small, unventilated and rugged rental apartment bathrooms. Big! Airy! With walk-in shower and sunken bathtub! Sophisticated light installations and a shower seat!

And then you stand in your newly acquired bathroom and ask yourself what you really want. What is a must-have and what is pure luxury? How functional and stylish do sanitary products in … Read More

Renovate bathroom |

9k=If you want to renovate your bathroom, you can save a lot of money by making your own contribution. We show the work steps from the installation technology to the assembly of toilets and Co. From A-Z: Renovating bathrooms

Bright, friendly and modern – the bathroom renovation is worth it! Photo: sidm / TDVon A-Z: Renovating bathrooms

Under connection profiles (UW profiles on ceiling and floor, CW profile on walls) glue sealing tape for more sound insulation. Photo: sidm / TDVon A-Z: Renovating bathrooms

Screw connection profiles every meter with screw plugs, adjust CW stand profiles. Photo: sidm / TDVon A-Z: Renovating bathrooms

Centre distance of the stand profiles for 125 cm plates and cross planking 62.5 cm. For fastening, use quick-build screws with fine threads.

Practical tip: Never screw panels into direct contact with adjacent components, always provide small joints to walls, floors and ceilings, which are later elastically closedPhoto: sidm / TDVon A-Z: Renovate bathrooms

Use only impregnated plasterboard! Screw them on impact. For cutting, scratch the surface and break through the plate over an edge. Photo: sidm / TDVon A-Z: Renovating bathrooms

Plan at least 40 cm edge offset from row to row (no cross joints!). Important: … Read More