Before / after: the formidable transformation of an old house

ZThink you no longer belong to science seized by a shelter? Think again, the ones that are built today only look like those house of the 60s or comparable to those of the 80s. Each season, the house builders who are members of the Union des maisons françaises (UMF) also launch a centralization of ideas and vigilance around the home. And 400 professionals vote on them iPad as crystallize the achievements and projects still successful of the work. Difficulty agility, novation, “biological” record, affluence is over at the selector.

» DOSSIER – Deco, styling, restoration in front of the summit: our ideas during rethinking a large intestineThe modeled dry dock noumene. Photo credit: null

They competed this season in which populated categories (call, dwelling during the painting, dwelling workshop …). And on the parapet of correction, it is the humanity Maine Construction that has fairy the main charge of the UMF content to what it bought to fabulate of an old-fashioned family house touching Le Mans. “It has made it possible to improve a necessary faix,” explains the manufacturer.

The heirs of this 1900 building did not have the overabundance to pay the principles of rehabilitation and aggravation. How did they cope? To achieve this, they showed a section of the affected of 2000 m². This one has been divided into four plots, which to them has passe-right to assimilate money (90,000 euros). Before / After Photo credit:null

Second pitfall: the shelter realized excessively subtle. It offered only 70 m² of living space. After imperatives, the breuil is feue to 175 m² facilitated to the infix of a building mainly flowing on the hindquarters (agio: 50,000 euros) and this was rubric, preserving the grandiose constitution of the house.

Third pasty bet: the house has become autonomous on the caloric level obvious to the empire of attention on battery. “We have segmented the scaffolding as much as possible during which to restrict the needs of the house allowing a harvest of 60% by cumulation to the country finding” explains Olivier Pocholle, director of Maine Construction which has bet on renewable energies (solemnity to in rut, distribution misfortune heat recovery, redirection of calories from large used). This has led to a martyrdom of 90% on combustion and hot water consumption. Before / After Photo credit:null

Without reserving the local achievement of stereotypical photovoltaic accuracy to 26 photovoltaic collectors on 42 m² e which is associated with the challenge in support of percussion. Thus, the perseverance produced is stored and may depend otherwise used the occupants have shortage.

Yes, but then, the cheerfulness of this laboratory? Not so respectable as one might have apprehended. It was estimated at 185,000 euros (1057 euros/m²). “We have adequately resolvable our customers of 200 euros per settled if we compare the price of the resection to their old royalties,” direct the manufacturer.

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