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9k=When it comes to renovating and renovating old apartments or houses, experts can perform true miracles. That’s why today we present you 20 projects that were planned by experts on homify. They offer great suggestions for an interesting redesign of the most diverse rooms. Some things you would certainly do yourself, but there are also rooms among them that have been completely transformed under the skillful hand of our architects and interior designers. The dream of modern living

Do you also dream of a modern interior design, but live in an old building where something urgently needs to be done? No matter which area of your house needs to be renewed, with us you will certainly find the right suggestion and inspiration to have your house or apartment renovated. Renovate all the rooms or just renovate the living room, renovate the hallway or renew the bathroom from scratch? These are questions that you have to answer before the conversion measures. Take a look at our examples and think about which area of your house is most in need. We find it particularly impressive: Designing the corridor – before and after.

If you need even more inspiration, check out this article, in which a house from the 70s completely renovated and becomes a modern highlight.1. From the old to the new and modern bathroom

With a perfect layout and the use of wood, this bathroom gets a completely different flair. The walls were provided with new, neutral colors and the sanitary items were replaced. The result? A great inspiration for small bathrooms. 2. A dining room becomes cozy

Red and white are the colors that define the new space and give a touch of modernity. The wall between the kitchen and the dining room was opened and the kitchen of the dining room was provided with a small kitchen counter. Instead of looking old-fashioned, a bright, friendly place of togetherness has now emerged. 3. A modern living room is created

This living room has changed radically. From a dark room, it becomes a bright, vibrant living room. The dark furniture was replaced by modern, white furniture. The white of the furniture and the wood of the floor now form a modern and radiant unity. 4. A bright hallway

Long and dark corridors quickly become a problem. Here, the long corridor was transformed into a zone with an infinite amount of storage space and into a radiantly bright room. Dimensionally accurate built-in wardrobes, a sophisticated lighting concept and a great wooden floor provide a modern, friendly ambience and a lot of functionality. 5. A kitchen shines in new splendour

This kitchen is located in a narrow passage room that leads directly to the dining room. The lack of a window and thus the daylight has made the room paired with the dark tiles previously gloomy and small. A beautiful wooden floor, LEDs above the work surface and modern, bright kitchen furniture have made this kitchen a whole new space with lots of light and air. 6. A small and simple room

Small rooms quickly suffer when they are filled. From this room with old tiles and corner fireplace, a real feel-good room has been created with a few furniture and selected materials.7. A kitchen becomes functional and modern

This kitchen no longer seemed contemporary due to the old kitchen furniture and the old-fashioned tiles. With a mixture of elegant grey, modern anthracite and plain white, it has become a modern kitchen that has everything you need. 8. A cozy family room

Here walls have been torn down and suddenly an open, friendly hall with space for many people is created. 9. A small chamber comes out big

Very small rooms are difficult to design. This example shows how it can still be optimally possible to turn a small chamber into a cozy room. White walls and a generous, bright balcony door visually enlarge the space, while the wooden floor provides cosiness. 10. A kitchen island

This kitchen has received a completely different ambience through the installation of a kitchen island and a completely new color scheme. It now looks modern and has become a place where entire festivals can be celebrated. 11. A small coffee corner

From this previously lost place, a small coffee corner with coffee machine and equipment has emerged, where she can enjoy one or the other small break. 12. A living room transforms

Who would have thought that this bare and simple room would become an elegant living room?13. A sparse bathroom is equipped

This bathroom didn’t have much to offer. In it there were just the sanitary items. Cosiness and storage space were not to be found here. However, this transformation into a modern, functional bathroom shows that these fit even into the smallest bathroom. 14. An open kitchen

Previously, the kitchen was quite dark and with a more traditional design. Here, walls were torn down and the dark kitchen furniture replaced with bright and modern ones, contrasted with a dark work surface. In addition, a window has been opened to the garden, through which daylight can penetrate. 15. Creative ideas for the one-room apartment

This apartment had to be equipped with sufficient storage space, which was created by the installation of dimensionally accurate shelves. The floor is made of wood, as well as the door and various decorative elements. The furniture in white makes this apartment feel cozy and elegant at the same time. 16. A double size living room

This room has been opened upstairs! The result is an impressive, loft-like double-height room with white walls and elegant columns. 17. Open and kitchen airy

This old-fashioned living room has become an open space where the living room, dining room and hallway are connected. The design of the ceiling is also sensational, making the room look even more contemporary. 18. A modern, small bathroom

With few resources, this old bathroom has been turned into a new, small bathroom in which you quickly feel comfortable. White was combined with elegant grey and the old sanitary ware was replaced with new, functional and stylish ones. 19. A new bed

Even a new bed can completely change a room. Here the old bed has been replaced with one with more personality, the ceiling has received a whole new structure and the white walls have been bathed in some color. Voilà – the room shines in a whole new splendor!20. An elegant living room is created

This living room was completely out of fashion. Without completely changing the style of the residents and while retaining the floor, a large, open space has been created here, which looks elegant and stylish. The key to success here was the use of fresh colors and a fresh decoration with plants.

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