The Best Way to Choose Floor Materials for the Kitchen

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There are many ways to create a comfortable and impressive kitchen space. Creating such a unique space atmosphere, can be started from the installation on the floor Floor materials. Ceramic floor is one of them. The motifs and colors of ceramics are also able to give birth to a certain impression for the room. This can also be adjusted to the interior theme you want to present.

The selection of the right kitchen floor is not only about determining the motifs and colors, but also regarding the selection of materials to be used. Cooking activities that often leave stains and dirt become one of the most important considerations when determining what type of floor material is right and right.

To give you a little idea regarding the selection of kitchen floor materials, here are some tips for determining the best kitchen floor material based on motifs, materials, and colors.

Rough Ceramics

As mentioned earlier, when determining and choosing materials for kitchen floors, one of the best recommendations is ceramic floors that have a rough. Ceramics that have a rough surface or texture are very suitable for use in kitchen areas, especially dirty kitchens. This is done so that the floor is protected and the kitchen area in general is protected from oil, soap, and or other stains.

However, and it is very important to remember, avoid using ceramics that have a slippery texture. Ceramics like this are not suitable in the kitchen area and are very difficult to clean when they get stained. In addition, cooking activities will feel uncomfortable because the floor is too slippery.

Wood Ceramic

If you want a natural appearance and impression in the kitchen area, try presenting wood elements or accents. This can be done exactly on the floor. Wood motif floor tiles are the best choice. Nowadays, it is not difficult to find patterned floor tiles. Choose motifs and colors are also very diverse.

Floor Colors and Patterns for the Kitchen

After deciding on the right type of material to use, it’s time to determine the choice of colors and motifs. The kitchen floor is very easy to get dirty, requires us to consider these two things.

Kitchen Floor Design

In the kitchen area of ​​medium to small size, choose a large ceramic floor motif. The application of a large tile floor in a small room will make the room look more spacious and airy. Conversely, for a medium to large kitchen area, use ceramics that have a small size.

For a fairly small kitchen, you can try a floor motif that has a diagonal shape. Diagonal-shaped tiles give the kitchen space a slightly wider look. Not only that, with a unique motif, the appearance of the kitchen room will also look more unique. Impressive.