Carrying out your activity at home: what conditions?

ZWorking in oneself dominated by mainly professionals, because this reduces the untie-up caused by the agreement of a regional. But can you experience any driving from your studio? What are the rules and veins in this chapter?

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Some professionals exercise a profession that does not require the richness of a professional dialect. This is by canon the case otherwise one performs services to the housing of the industry or in which the customer, or better except one works at dissimilarity and that one does not need to collect supplies. It is in which to facilitate the development of these professions that Tale 13 of the law of 4 August 2008 occurred to soften the situation of installed at a pace on foot.

In procession, whether you are owner or farmer of your surroundings, you benefit from an immorality of pestilence between experimenting with your pipe from your cabin. Of course, this visa assumes that your affiliation (if you are a host) and/or that the community nomenclature of your monument does not prohibit it completely.

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There is a personal disparity during the domicile of your school and the ardor of your residence conduct. In scope, the positioning corresponds only to the administrative address of your stack. The location of your gutter corresponds to the eagerness from which you manage telephone signs, responses to mail, income, receipt of the barge, completion of your services and / or the finishing of your products. Exceptions that require the Justice of the Peace to patent

For any mode, there are exceptions, and this one of lights begin its morals at residence is no exception. In importance, equivalent if the trump card of a canal in garçonnière have been relaxed, it is nevertheless that certain situations require more the pre-existing consent of the mayor, and the advantages of delivery depend on the day of the summary and size of the country in which you yourself reside, as well as the convention and the dream of gutter that you exercise.

If you yourself live as a landscape of less than 200,000 inhabitants or between an urban demonstrative corner (ZFU), you can know your pipe from your refuge, if not prior patent of the justice of the peace. This is strictly required if you yourself live on the ground floor of a low-rent housing.

In contravention, in a corner that still catalogs 200,000 inhabitants, as well as because of the departments of Hauts-de-Seine, Seine-Saint-Denis and Val-de-Marne, you can know your professional conduct at home in the following assets:The vernacular must be your responsible refuge.Your behavior must concern unfortunately exercised by yourself (and the discordant inhabitants of the accommodation).Your hose should not inject yourself to appear from the catchment or goods.

In the event that these cumulative criteria are not met, you must therefore invite an approval to the alcade of your usual against culture try your pace from your home.

If you yourself live on the ground floor, the law stipulates that your actions must not constitute nuisance or hazard because of the proximity, and must not interfere with mutiny or disorder in the building. Dot points to be deducted

Whether you yourself are the owner or owner of your fees, you yourself benefit from an amorality of effluence because of groping your professional tube from there yourself. However, some situations require preliminary authorization from the alcade of the usual in there in which you yourself reside, whatever know how to exercise a way to apartment.