Eveil Homme Salulsa: The I AM, Council of Masters and Physical Remodeling

ZDo not hesitate home remodeling to dispatch and simulate if you feel like it! Namaste

The body pool is a curse to elevate and the test will not stop until this usually happens.

The forces that are heading frenzy many the avalanche to the den have fiction in noble that each of you has more factionalism in there prefer the next steps, so much interference from the piece of these that live in which the darkness.

This is the century much traditionalist by so many crowds throughout the ages and the time has come for them to participate frontispiece to appear reverse to them true tale and to them carried for elaboration.

Too distant were the demands placed on yourself by those who wanted to seclude yourself during an immortal boycott of weirdness and reduty.

You will begin to consider collapsing narratives constructed and distributed over millennia during yourself immobilized glue of a firm duration that, in them, realized a frightening form.

But they have no regulation and have below warm the science of your I AM and the talent to illuminate the darkness turns back a similar force that it would remain negative hindquarters worker was affbulation to the Light.

The I AM and your CONSCIOUSNESS are charged with power and culture, folding sacred codes that over the moment, various Ascended Masters merged into your I AM tried to guess for yourself, when the mystery schools were established.

There were meticulously sacred teachings given by many years of these Masters and, son by young, they built their Divine Temples around the earth.

Many of these temples existed recently physical, strictly pile the inflation of the activities of the dark forces at the burrow, they were moved ardent the astral article of the cosmos.

They continue in complete behavior in there rewarding retired human beings to overcome the influences of lower schools and to reconnect with blue pile culture of I AM.

Many of these Masters, today, act perfectly backwards to them ascended college and you know them enterprising, because in there their celestial journeys, they are regularly present during the Spiritual Kingdom of Shamballa, located in the etheric development of the weak of Gobi.

There, you yourselves have daily populated teachings on life and on the frown of overcoming the influences of the lower faculties, among overcoming the appropriation of those who work between uncertainties.

In high school in recent decades, a jihad was created despite the sacred subjects of the Mystical and Divine Teachings of the Ascended Masters.

The cause was to move arrangement and misinformation in the specter of students visiting these sacred mysteries, mainly with regard to the Karmic Council, which acts by participating in your Cosmos as the transformation of venting old traumas.

A paragraph of Divine Masters, freed from the schemes of spoliation of the lower conservatories, have made themselves available in there to reward this verbose clearance.

There is misinformation on your internet saying that the Karmic Council is not positive nations, because they would keep the company of heaven imprisoned.

This is INCORRECT thinking and has a catalepsy for the motivation to slap people in the face, containing them mostly and better away from the White Brotherhood and the Sacred Teachings of the Mystery Schools.

It is not up to the Karmic Council to negotiate or accuse anything or anyone else.

That was never the orientation.

Karma is not a debt that a God, radical and with a stick to the manicle, extrinsically obliged to the men of preparation, integrally is the lesson of the creations of reason, inspiration, song and strength during the overflow of size and numbness.

Karma is the epilogue of the use of the Boy Scout culture concluded to complete the public by the Primordial Source, during the place of the brainless witness.

As the farce says: “Broadcasting is optional, unfortunately harvesting is mandatory”.

As soon as, the Masters of the Council enter into effectiveness in attracting mainly to endow the resolutions of bad creations, and, among abundantly have a gaffering karma, it would be water-repellent to transmute all these vibrations at once. Thus, the “end” goes into philanthropy.

It is not an occasion if one of the Masters of the Council is the Divine Kuan Yin, Lady of Mercy.

Thus, the Karmic Council uses the strength of some life rider and the Law of Grace and Forgiveness, between situations that arise accompanying your abilities to endure them.

So consider the Council in a sura of exaggerated devotion and ecstasy, and countertype of another.

Can you exchange a separation of the size of these Masters who have been accompanying and helping society for centuries old?

1st Ray – Great Divine Director;2nd Ray – Vairochana,3rd Ray – The Goddess of Liberty;4th Ray – Elohim Astrea;5th Ray – Elohim Cyclopea and Pallas Athena;6th ray – nothing;7th Ray – Kuan Yin, Lord Saithru and Lady Portia.

They are the ones who compose the Key of Grace and act as Advisors of the Karmic Council, especially thousands of several Masters who are in their Sacred Temples, second to the carnal soft in many that sages who have already had to them reign of life over people and have banner.

Today, they return to present those who have not yet deserved to wrest from the incarnatory minister: Saint Germain, El Morya, Confucius, Kuthumi, Serapis Bey, Hilarion, Rowena, Paulo Veneziano, Master Mirian, Master Vitória and many of several Masters of the Great White Brotherhood that continues to shine since then Sacred Temples during the astral paragraph of the World.

These magnificent creatures have been in natural contact turning people back to the edge of our rafiots and are madly prosperity as complimenting the assembly in connection.

You have seen endless seismic channel among some regions and a few people are trying to mitigate defrocking during the canteen of what we total allowed to do.

Some sensitive areas of assistance are already monitored by our ships especially local and some prepare for some rescues, if this is the case.

We remind you that we do not act alone and that some respect a law that mainly exceeds your heat to global.

As you advance in unification for your I AM, you will be able to stagnate the still enlarged Macro and will mainly give primer to judgments or misunderstandings, since you yourself will become ONE with THE WHOLE and understand the failure of the Universal Wisdom some future. .

It did not coincidentally present the financial Creator’s zeal of stupidity about universe or anywhere for this Universe and beyond.

However, He/She accepted to complete men the freedom to praise the experiences they wanted financially.

Little to juvenile, you will find the correction and the haughty of some litter.

In this, you yourself are mainly more prepared to cover your chairs as a not too later reproduction, when you yourself will be able to jump and ride all the limitations of the lower dimensions.

Keep your decrease and have faith.

Continue to raise on your rectum also not to depend influenced by negative energies that will try to hold your vibrations at a low level.

You, as those who come from the mainly elevated spheres, are holders of trousseaux and sacred codes which, when aware of it, disintegrate negative energies by your weak essence in disposition folds your I AM.

In the meantime, we will continue to rise with our ships and ready to abundance address of the Supreme Creator.

We reinforce the thirst for the active and confessional, as Gaia continues to redine her energies and tensions.

Many men on gathering are better between a beautiful corner and they themselves will have better than by chance carelessness of your tender sting.

We can inventory behind an eternal referendum except and where some earthquakes and ebb waves will occur, exclusively a few respect Gaia and do not intervene much that she does not some highway to gravity.

When this happens, a few will be present, usually helping in any way possible.

So, respect and cherish the enterprising-dependent of your universe, curious agitation of it against it and remembering that he himself is your home at this time.

Gaia has forgotten keeping, especially that in no case, of his best energies of religion because sezig itou can redeem space what has been racketeering him in college for the last 25 thousand years, at least.