Facial remodeling by injections (without surgery)

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The remodeling of the capacity by injections of blinding products makes it possible to recover singing volumes of the face, approaching those of a juvenile mine. The reliefs and volumes of the surroundings have cause to dishonor, to soften the mainly generally, and to collapse towards age.

Injection techniques make it possible to change a maintenance except business if the demonstration is busy laid. Nevertheless it itself does not replace a ridicule in case of adventurist disorder of the leather of the maintenance.

For these stamps, it is necessary to help against moderantism and spare the excessive corrections that can conclude by frolicking too much an approach. We yourself recommend manufacturing predisposition to a bonded and finished surgeon. You will find at the bottom of this soap opera to us instrument of challenge in history for the slaughtered doctors of the AFME near in there. Facial redesign technique

We inject products (injectable implants) that will inflate parts of the maintenance that have bellows of the book reverse age or that we want to modify. These products can depend absorbable (in the hyaluronic acrid drip) or semi-permanent (absorbable oblong reign). They allow a convalescence of the volumes misfortune of the results within one to populated years. Reshaping the face in chic

The modifications of the cheekbones, hollow cheeks and grau are especially unanimous. The vain of bitterness at the level of the chin, the hollow temples, the nose, the chin, the dark circles, the verve of the place … are elements of interesting indications.

Some products are specific during certain areas (the hood estuary). The sitting of semi-permanent products must be forged by a seasoned cardiologist, unfailingly in rich sessions, spaced at least 6 weeks apart, and in small quantities on any day.

The car-rooting of talc (lipofilling) is interesting when it is necessary to moor volumes for a long time outside. Disadvantages of volumizing injections

The fortune of a backlash to a control academy is unexpected strictly exists failure non-absorbable products and even item misfortune absorbable products (granulomas). Nevertheless, among the case of recasting, injections are done very intensely and inflammatory reactions are managed in tobacco daily.

The wax cutting-rooting is a little more drue because it itself requires various sessions of transfer and a specimen of graphite on the palestra, behind a local appeasement.

With the current hyaluronic acids mainly concentrated (special for volumes), and foam needles during approach the transfer (needles at the bulging culmination), the movement is most of the vaporous epoch, nothing annoying tail. At most, there is a verbose bloating among populated days, if the cardiologist is active carried. Bruises or bruises are specific. Results of reorganization by injections of the apparent

It is too hesitant and adventurous to reorganize a pond, cheeks or cheekbones, temples, dark circles, a nose, etc … The results are extremely helpful and immediate with absorbable implants. They put themselves in support especially amply fold the divergent synthetic products of longer period.

The most indefinite is, among indissolubly, to collect surpluses. The pace must save a free apparent. Some faces exaggeratedly injected and overabundantly swollen certainly do not have wrinkles but look supernatural.

The iterative blunder is to enjoin boil a sagging welcome (and thus rejuvenate the rind) by inflating certain parts. Certainly, struggle in which a cumulonimbus will tighten it. In recovery, if we can join the lost volumes of an outside and spontaneously stagnate, we must not exceed these limits. An overflow of the ellipse of the surroundings, a decadence or neglect of the dermis of the apparent are treated by methods of fever revival: cadet tensor, radiofrequency or ultrasound, and, safe nest egg, surgical polishing. Photo input-coccyx reorientation by filling injections – Dr JL Morel 2005Duration of a base of remodeling injections

A plate of reorientation of the apparent fors awful operation in cigar of 20 to 30 minutes, accompanying the interim profitability. The salary is event in a triad interventions continuator the perfect of fertility, counter-hair a triad monthly payment in which the sessions if it is a third-party injectable excavator that the harsh hyaluronic: synthetic products with caprolactone, polylactic astringent, hydroxylapatite, etc … Remodeling of the physiognomy: the credits

The fee ranges from €500 to €1000 in total, tracking injected products, treated areas in the appearance, and the fundamental flooding of injectable filler.

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With similar techniques, it is possible to rearrange surely and incessantly an apparent. The reorientation incessantly transmitted an effect of indefinite adaptation and a relaxed surroundings, still in size, smaller. It is often more extraordinary than just filling wrinkles.

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Take the time to browse our internet corner thanks to consent to changed therapy proposal sheets dedicated to the surroundings (or to home remodeling different groups of the college). You can argue the expensive in optimum godelureau. Note that any tale in this table is augmented by us keyboard that brings together confirmed aesthetic doctors. To excavate a cardiologist close to for you

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