Tips And How to Grow Cactus In The House

Grow Cactus

Although planting a grow cactus is fairly easy, you must pay attention to several points so that the plants in the house do not wither or even die. Well, if you want to plant a cactus indoors. Of course, you have to do it the right way. For example, don’t water it too often, just keep the growing media moist so that the cactus can live. To provide troubleshooting, here we have summarized some points that might help you. In this case, you only need to understand some basic points in caring for cacti as ornamental plants. For brevity, let’s look at the following review.

Pay Attention to Lighting

Strong light conditions are very important to keep desert cacti healthy. As for forest cacti, they prefer sunlight but not directly like desert cacti. Steps to apply the right, you have to move your cactus outdoors when the sun has risen. Then move it back if it’s enough.

Pay Attention to Soil Conditions

Not a few people are ignorant of the growing media they use. To grow a cactus, you need to change an ordinary pot with inorganic substances. An example is a pearlite, with the aim of increasing drainage and aeration. As for forest cacti, use a regular potting mix.

Keep Water Intake

You will need to water the cactus every time the compost starts to dry out. During this watering process, make sure that the plant is watered thoroughly. The mistake that usually occurs with desert cacti is that many people water too much. So that it can trigger decay, be it at the base of the plant or at the end of the growing area. If the decay has continued, then you will need to plant a new cactus from cuttings or remove the whole plant.

Check Temperature And Humidity

When still in their infancy, desert cacti prefer to be in hot and dry temperatures. The temperature range is from 21 degrees Celsius to 26 degrees Celsius. While forest cacti have different humidity, during winter, forest cacti have a wide range, which is less than 21 degrees Celsius.

Do Fertilization

On desert cacti, apply fertilizer during the growing season. In this regard, some farmers have had poor results with the use of standard fertilizers. So it is quite feasible to be used as a reason to look for a special cactus fertilizer. As for forest cacti, use a standard fertilizer during the growing season. In this case, you can also reduce the application of fertilizer during the growing season.

Clean From Common Pests

Almost all types of cacti are very susceptible to pests, including mealybugs, scales, mold gnats, and spider mites. In most cases, it is not impossible to clean these pests with the help of cotton and water.