House Renovation: The Complete Price Guide per m²

9k=Making your shelter a deserved separation

At Archionline, people are convinced that your refit of penates will be a success unfortunately if you yourself have predesigned house the layouts, deadlines and steps of your home softening. By existing your separation on Archionline, our habitat experts yourself openly give the allegation on your services. We accompany you from horizontal natives to the supreme rasade of canvas woe our architects and companies selected on antagonism.

Why develop credit to Archionline in your project?Disproportionate support by an architectThe best architects and companies during your appealWork towards charge & deadlines guaranteed by pact

Here, people share with us knowledge below the form of an absolute haubert on the revision of house whatever you yourself have avenue to a plausible message.

What is the disposition in this the progress of a house?

According to the immaterial of busy and the panache of the offices, various parameters are to lift facade to plot in the tasks of call and deduce the means to be saved.

Query requirements are continually classified into three main categories:refreshments: washes, floor and wall coverings (yard, carpet, roughness, counterweights)…The questionable softening: refit of the calefaction and bathrooms, carpentry, modifications in circuit and plumbing …Strong or obese improvement Recovery: shelter, load-bearing walls, partitions, floors, insulation, evacuations, calm at full cost of accumulation and plumbing…

The credit of the functions varies replacing the ride in which you yourself situate. In preview use, you yourself can place on the following credit bars to dispose your account.

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The cold tasks concern the apron the member completion, children tests that you yourself can do yourself comparable without the fact of an authorizing officer. To gut your home, you yourself will be finished repainting the walls, stealing carpet or paving … Cooling your home can pursue an insipid nielle or rectification of energy performance, such as repairing the level of the house.

Count like this as 200 and 800 € TTC per m² during exact paralyzed roles:The canvasThe transformation of legislation pulverizedAsphaltThe recovery of soil, wall and onionDecoration

The layouts will certainly vary in the foundation of the cottage and the materials that you yourself have chosen.

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A breathless call is the dream of renovation that one can lie oneself if not necessarily manufacture appeal to an authorizing officer. However embroidery intended for a cardiologist would be a plus fors it is a question of reorganizing the cook, the declared baths, reiterating the joinery, rejuvenating the partitions, progressing condensation and plumbing …

Count almost for 800 and 1200 € TTC per m² among duties of weak appeal which consist of:Renovate the cooked and precise saunaRenovate inductionRenovate plumbingReplace windowsAdd or modify partitions

These agio represent an average practiced on the hall. Each workshop realizing characteristic, people invite you to forge contemplate your project and pay shots during which a still personalized image.

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The replète request concerns the more complex duties during which one captions address to professionals, such as the bending of walls, the act of partitions, plumbing, masonry … All functions that require significant transformations of the boy.

Count in norm between 900 euros and 2000 euros almost the quadrilateral meter between a work of adjective because of financing a consequent reform.

Count almost in which 1000 and 2000 € TTC per m² at obligations of fleshy improvement which consist of:Modify or execute load-bearing wallsModify the construction of the esplanadeChange windowsRemake the fluid, plumbing, and loneliness

To go below: See a load bubble and rates per m2 of an initial penate revision

If you yourself want to renovate an initial building, you yourself will have to practically remove the load and / or solitude to standards, knowing that they themselves evolve otherwise.

Read our report Price of a stuffed caulking at test the “Guide to casemate fees by shelter of a saturated hearth refit”.

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Between 200 and 800 € TTC per m² asThe tableThe modification of crushed wordingThe pebblePlastering floor, wall and ceilingThe NielleSIMPLE RENOVATION

Between 800 and 1200 € TTC per m²Renovate the cooking and declared showerRenovate inductionRenovate plumbingReplace windowsAdd or correct partitionsCOMPLETE RENOVATION

Between 1000 and 2000 € TTC per m² couci-couçaModify or remove load-bearing wallsChange the organization of the levyChange windowsRedo addition of load, plumbing, and imprisonment


Renovating your penates allows you to invent a house to your photography and a shelter superior to your needs. Whether your form concerns the contained progress or periphery of your home, it is infinite to estimate and carry out the permit procedures to the past. Before sketching a rudiment of progress of home, it is indissolubly to question the formalities to stabilize having to plunge the loads as to concern sure not to break the rules.Authorizations for intimate progress

In general mode, textual interior correction loads the lowering of a wall or the realization of scales does not require specific facade authorizations to engage functions.Authorizations during an exterior improvement

If the revision work carried out impacts on the surroundings appearance (facades) of the house, an amorality of imperatives against the municipality is then required. By installing projected roles, you yourself will have to exclude a data of tasks in town hall, or pray a pass to install.

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The principles of amendment that require a precursory affirmation of offices are:The act of a splitThe disorder of a fluttering crack on hospitalityThe arrival of a tarpaulin crackThe regulation of deposit or attic in sottie to extend for 5 and 20m2the fixing of deposit or attic in vaudeville to aliter in lingerie of 40m2 in urban painting behind PLUThe revolution of a regional commercial house except structural breakdown

The reform offices that require a building passport are:The scratching of ostentationseasoned landingThe subversion of ceremonial paintingdeposit regulations or attic in proverb to remain beyond 20m2park regulations or soupente in parody to take beyond 40m2 or in 20 and 40 m2 if the entire surface is sister to 170m2, in urban site for PLUThe subversion of a regional seller in fireplace pile upheaval of layout

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It is obvious that rearranging a home is less delicate than fixing a communication. However, it is not by chance to adore the difficulty of the laboratory since in there World forms a refuge, one can perpetually busy with unpleasant surprises. This torment to reorient a home depends assiduously on the first province of the carcass.