Kitchen renovation: From old to new!

ZMany of you have already noticed: We have moved! We needed more space and also more peace and quiet in our bedrooms! And we got all this in our new apartment. But also some renovation work, such as the pretty old kitchen row from the 90s, which belongs to the owner. In his time, the large terracotta tiles and the beech fronts were certainly very trendy. In the meantime, however, the ravages of time have gnawed at the fronts and I really couldn’t make friends with the old floor tiles – the 90s can just be so hip. But of course, as a DIY blogger, I am not deterred by this and have started planning our kitchen renovation. Of course, always keeping in mind that we only live here for rent and I have to put everything back to its original condition in case of doubt. For me the biggest aha and wow effect: The new vinyl floor from Gerflor, which I could lay directly on the old floor tiles without sticking! What can be changed easily and easily during a kitchen renovation in a rented apartment?

If the basic structure of the kitchen is still solid, you can help … Read More

FINALLY!: new old kitchen with chalk paint – DIY BLog – Smilla’s living feeling

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 the kitchen renovation

At the end of November I had already told you that the kitchen is being painted here

….not only the walls, no… that would be much too easy, but also kitchen fronts and even the worktops got a new coat of paint.

Many mails and comments have reached me on this point…..and I hope that I can answer all your questions today.

I have NEVER shown pictures from my kitchen here and there was a reason for that:

What did it look like before? well….originally the fronts were beech-coloured, as was the worktop. Then – about 2 years ago – we decided to give her a new face and painted the fronts white….big mistake….because the used paint (which has always and everywhere served us very well), was not really suitable for a kitchen renovation. The … Read More

Before and after: 20 rooms before and after the amazing renovation | homify

9k=When it comes to renovating and renovating old apartments or houses, experts can perform true miracles. That’s why today we present you 20 projects that were planned by experts on homify. They offer great suggestions for an interesting redesign of the most diverse rooms. Some things you would certainly do yourself, but there are also rooms among them that have been completely transformed under the skillful hand of our architects and interior designers. The dream of modern living

Do you also dream of a modern interior design, but live in an old building where something urgently needs to be done? No matter which area of your house needs to be renewed, with us you will certainly find the right suggestion and inspiration to have your house or apartment renovated. Renovate all the rooms or just renovate the living room, renovate the hallway or renew the bathroom from scratch? These are questions that you have to answer before the conversion measures. Take a look at our examples and think about which area of your house is most in need. We find it particularly impressive: Designing the corridor – before and after.

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Renovating the kitchen – simple ideas

2Q==Renovating the kitchen kitchen – simple ideas

The Finnish company A.S.Helsingö complements the basic structure of the Ikea kitchens “Metod” and “Faktum” with individual doors, cover plates, plinths, handles, faucets, sinks or worktops,

Instead of buying a new kitchen right away, you can simply spice up and beautify yours – with new fronts or handles, for example. We show you ideas on how to give your kitchen a new shine quickly and easily while renovating without much effort.

In many households there are kitchens that are getting old, but whose core is still in good shape. It is worthwhile to make small cosmetic corrections instead of replacing the entire kitchenette. With new fronts, worktops or modern handles, the face of a kitchen can be easily changed. But first things first:Mucking out and cleaning the kitchen

If you want to feel comfortable in your kitchen, you should keep things tidy: If the kitchen sinks into chaos, it costs nerves – and there is no joy in cooking. If you want to get a good overview of the status quo in the kitchen, you have to clear out cabinets and drawers. What do you have, what supplies do you have, what … Read More

Kitchen renovation in Munich – simply planned | ES Kitchens

2Q==Kitchen renovation by the professional

A kitchen renovation at es Küchen is much cheaper than buying a new kitchen. In terms of quality and appearance, however, the kitchen renovation is in no way inferior to a new kitchen. Let us advise you free of charge!

A kitchen renovation not only saves money, but also time. Our experts will be finished with the renovation work in a few days and leave your kitchen swept clean. Thus, you can use your kitchen again as soon as possible.

A kitchen renovation with es kitchens is much more sustainable than the installation of a new kitchen. Since the foundation of the kitchen is preserved and only individual parts are replaced, less waste is generated, which protects the environment.


Years of kitchen renovation


Completed Projects


replaced worktops


exchanged fronts What can be changed during a kitchen renovation?

There are no limits to creativity during a kitchen renovation:Whether you want to swap your old laminate countertop for a new one made of stone, hide the old tiles of the 70s behind a modern niche glass cladding, replace non-functional household appliances with innovative technologies, change the overall appearance of the kitchen with new … Read More

Repaired instead of discarded: Nationwide repair bonus starts on 26 April 2022 – Federal Chancellery of Austria

9k=Climate Protection Minister Gewessler: “Repairing is always better than throwing away” – Repair bonus promotes repair of electronic and electrical devices – A total of 130 million euros from EU reconstruction plan funds will flow into the initiative by 2026

Repair e-devices. Protect the environment. Strengthen the economy. Those who have their old electrical appliances repaired make an important contribution to environmental protection and also support regional small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). For this reason, the repair bonus will start throughout Austria on 26 April 2022, replacing 50 percent of the repair costs (up to a maximum of 200 euros). “Repairing is always better than throwing away. The great thing about the repair bonus is that everyone really benefits from it – our environment, our wallets and our businesses. Together, we can take a stand against the throwaway society and save valuable resources,” emphasizes Climate Protection Minister Leonore Gewessler.

Support is provided for the repair of electrical and electronic equipment commonly used in private households. The repair bonus will be implemented with the help of funds from the EU reconstruction plan and will run until 2026. For the first tranche until 31 December 2023, funds of EUR 60 million are … Read More

Küchenrenovierung, Vienna :: Top 15 on

ZAre you looking for a good craftsman for kitchen renovation from kitchen Vienna? We collect and review providers in the field of kitchen renovations who are active inVienna and the surrounding area. Send your request to interested professionals in the field of kitchen renovationsto find out approximate prices and find out what costs you can expect for your project. Cheapcarpenters for kitchen renovation from Vienna, who can carry out the following services for you: renewal of the kitchen, change of the kitchen worktop, belt replacement and other services can be found easily and quickly here:

Hello! Ask for a quote for Kitchen Base. Since I am 28.09.2022 – 01.10.2022 inclusive in Vienna, I would be grateful for a meeting. The exact dimensions for the base are: 167.20 x 16.20 cm, 167.50 x 16.20 cm, 97.30 x 16.20 cm, 97.00 x 16.20 cm. The base would have to be covered with a foil, silver or anthracite. Please contact us. Thank you. Yours sincerely,Ingrid B.

Dear Sir or Madam, I have a Vonderstedt kitchen, 12 years old, cream high gloss, a bit old. The body should be preserved, so the fronts should be renewed incl. worktops and back wall, kitchen appliances all … Read More