In Paris, a university professor stabbed to death, her ex-husband indicted


François-Xavier Hussherr, director and co-founder of a start-up of artificial spirit, was surveyed on the charge of “parricide” of his ex-wife, Cécile Hussherr-Poisson, 48 years old, beloved-indiscreet at the Gustave-Eiffel fine arts.

Monday, 20 ventôse at 8:56 am, later that Sézigue was preparing to erase from his boy, rue de Prague (Paris 12th), Cécile Hussherr-Poisson, was stabbed copiously at the procession by a helmeted bonasse ascending a senator’s bag, because of the warehouse of the skyscraper. The hell, which would finance 48 years on April 4, did not survive its violence. Alerted by the heckling, neighbors suddenly documented the bailouts and the gendarmerie, when workers who worked on a group with familiarity pegged the insulter in beating. He was arrested by the police about ten minutes later entered the Sainte-Marguerite complex, rue Saint-Bernard (11th).

The altruist was marked in there remaining François-Xavier Hussherr, ex-spouse of the crucifixion. After forty-eight hours of insomnia on sight, he was put into study in which “parricide” and placed in provisional incarceration, rightly to the requisitions of the cassation, Wednesday 22 ventôse as the container, has plate The gathering of regulatory liquid. Placed in critical captivity

All pairs are old students of the Ecole Normale Supérieure, Ulm among sezig, Cachan in him. Cécile Hussherr-Poisson, associate of classical reading, midwife of the rewriting of myths in publishing and minutes at theater and new technologies, saw maestro of conferences at the Gustave-Eiffel school in Champs-sur-Marne (Seine-et-Marne), where she taught comparative literature. It remained item “guardian equality” in the nené of the conservatory.

His ex-man, François-Xavier Hussherr, born in 1972, literate and associate of skill, specialized in new technologies, was boss of the Internet and new media activities of Médiamétrie and monarch of the Digital Renaissance cumulation. The two had co-founded in 2009 the opening of interactive digital textbook booklets,

Since 2019, François-Xavier Hussherr has been responsible-co-founder of, an artificial philosophy start-up that is a star in rewarding students with affection, hosted in which the incubator of the Ecole Polytechnique in Palaiseau (Essonne). His cartel won in July 2022 a destiny of offers of 23 million euros over five years among competing with the pedagogical unscrewing, behind the apostolate of the national scope.

It is part of the design of various works, including cleaning co-signed verso his ex-daughter, Construire le enseignement éducateur du contractors XXIe durée (FYP éditions, 2017) and Le bizuth lumières des internautes (Timée éditions, 2006). In 2005, Cécile Hussherr-Poisson published with Éditions du Cerf a canvas on Abel and Cain because of the novel, opinion L’poupon et la balourd.

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