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ZYou just don’t feel comfortable in your old kitchen anymore? Then it’s time for a kitchen renovation – true to the motto “From old to new!” But: Is it even worth restoring the kitchen? Wouldn’t it be wiser to invest in a new kitchen right away? Sometimes yes, sometimes not. In this article, we will give you tips on the circumstances under which it is worthwhile to modernize or retrofit the kitchen and when it might be better to plan a new kitchen right away. Renovating the kitchen – it’s easy to do

Beckermann fronts metallic copper and Siena Xtreme polar white; Photo: Beckermann Küchen#1 New front colour

Often a few simple steps are enough and your kitchen shines in new splendor. For example, with adhesive films in bright colors. Another possibility: You paint or paint the fronts in your desired color – you have had enough of your wooden kitchen? Then give it a new look with a bit of white paint. A bucket of paint is definitely cheaper than a complete new kitchen.#2 New handles

They are the underrated heroes of kitchen design: handles. Which handles a kitchen has, or whether it has any at all (keyword: handleless kitchen) has a great influence on the overall picture. A great way to give the kitchen a new face is therefore: new handles. Or also: old handles – from the flea market. There you will often find true pieces of jewelry that no one else is guaranteed to have.

Knob; Photo: rational einfitted küchen#3 New worktop

A new worktop is also within the realm of what is feasible when it comes to restoring the kitchen. The variants are numerous – from expensive to cheap, you have a few options to upgrade your kitchen with a new countertop.#4 Change kitchen back wall

The tile mirror is annoying? Don’t worry, the back wall in the niche between the worktop and wall units can also be replaced relatively easily in most cases. Suitable materials include glass, laminate, artificial stone, stainless steel, latex paint, etc.

Worktop in white (ceramic Bianco Marmo) with matching back panel. Photo: © Lechner#5 New devices

Your appliances have been around for several years and cooking with them is no longer fun? Comprehensible. Then it is worth replacing the kitchen appliances – usually not only for convenience, but also for energy-saving reasons. Old devices can be real power guzzlers. It is therefore worthwhile to invest in new, energy-saving appliances. Renovating the kitchen – that’s difficult/it’s not worth it

Multiform’s “02” series kitchen with handleless brass fronts; Photo: Multiform#1 New Fronts

A frontal exchange falls into the category: gambling. Kitchen manufacturers do not have to provide an after-sales guarantee. This means that the front model of your kitchen may no longer exist if you bought the kitchen a few years ago. But asking doesn’t cost anything, maybe the gods are on your side. However, even then replacing all fronts is usually very expensive.#2 Replace fittings

If the fittings or hinges in your kitchen are broken, that’s not a good sign. Usually this means that the kitchen has had its day. So it’s worth it if you’re considering buying a new kitchen.#3 New running rails, pull-outs

The same applies to the running rails of your drawers or pull-outs. If the running rails are broken, either the quality is not right, or the kitchen has simply had its day. Replacing the running rails is usually associated with high costs – it is probably worthwhile to think about planning a new kitchen.

Cover picture: Kitchen in country house style with domus fronts in sand grey, kitchen silky gloss lacquer with cooking island; Photo: Schüller Küchen

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