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ZAre you looking for a good craftsman for kitchen renovation from kitchen Vienna? We collect and review providers in the field of kitchen renovations who are active inVienna and the surrounding area. Send your request to interested professionals in the field of kitchen renovationsto find out approximate prices and find out what costs you can expect for your project. Cheapcarpenters for kitchen renovation from Vienna, who can carry out the following services for you: renewal of the kitchen, change of the kitchen worktop, belt replacement and other services can be found easily and quickly here:

Hello! Ask for a quote for Kitchen Base. Since I am 28.09.2022 – 01.10.2022 inclusive in Vienna, I would be grateful for a meeting. The exact dimensions for the base are: 167.20 x 16.20 cm, 167.50 x 16.20 cm, 97.30 x 16.20 cm, 97.00 x 16.20 cm. The base would have to be covered with a foil, silver or anthracite. Please contact us. Thank you. Yours sincerely,Ingrid B.

Dear Sir or Madam, I have a Vonderstedt kitchen, 12 years old, cream high gloss, a bit old. The body should be preserved, so the fronts should be renewed incl. worktops and back wall, kitchen appliances all available. Please contact us! Best regardsKatharina S.

small kitchen conversion, ev. new worktop, Vienna

Hello! Need a little kitchen remodel. The refrigerator is to be moved from the floor up to the worktop and a hanging box converted for it. Depending on the costs, ev. the worktop should be renewed. Adjust all hinges on the KÜ boxes. Please contact us. Thank you. Yours sincerely,Helmut R.

Replacement of stove and adaptation of steel worktop, Vienna

Hello! Find someone to replace a broken stand-electric stove that has 3 hotplates integrated into a steel countertop with a new stand-up electric stove with 4 hotplates, removing the worktop part located above the previous stove. Please contact us and make an offer. Thank you. Yours sincerely,Michaela Z.

Refrigerator stove (gas on electric) oven, Vienna

Hello! Need kitchen renovation – remove and dispose of existing old appliances (built-in refrigerator, gas stove and electric oven). Get and install new appliances (built-in refrigerator, electric stove and electric oven). Please contact us and make an offer. Thank you. Yours sincerely,Maria S.

Kitchen rear wall and box fronts, Vienna

Hello! Look for someone for kitchen renovation – kitchen back wall made of laminate or plastic instead of tiles. Renew the fronts of the boxes and renew the handle strip of the boxes. (There is another box under the washing-up). Photo attached. Please contact us and make an offer. Thank you. Yours sincerely,Sonja H.

Kitchen partial renovation, Vienna

Hello! Looking for someone for kitchens Partial renovation – replacement approx. 3 running meters worktop with cut-out for Nirosta sink, to be used further; Replacement of substructure element with door under the sink, frame for built-in dishwasher (available), removal and installation of electric instantaneous water heater for rinse water, connection dishwasher, exchange sink faucet (available) v Request for a quote. Thank you in advanceJohann G.

Neue Küchenfronten, Vienna

Hello, I took over an apartment, in the kitchen are 2 different kitchens. On the one hand a Dan kitchen and on the other hand an Ikea kitchen. Not only do they not match the color, the different styles also do not match. I would like to have the Ikea kitchen adapted to the Danküche. There are kitchen fronts replace, 12 doors and 4 drawers.Please contact us. Thank you. Yours sincerely,Elisabeth S.

Kitchen front lacquered, Vienna

Hello! I would have liked to have painted the fronts in light gray glossy and filled the existing holes. I would get the handles myself. For further information please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you. Yours sincerely,Georg B.

Hello! Ask for a quote for kitchen renovation. What is needed: New worktop for the kitchen incl. new cut-outs for new fittings (= new, larger induction field, new sink, both not yet bought). Current plate Dimensions approx. 260x58x4, where one side is beveled, so the plate does not form a perfect rectangle. In addition, part of the custom kitchen is to be converted and a small seating area for 2 installed. An extractor hood would also be necessary… Photos attached. Please contact us. Thank you. Yours sincerely,Natalie K.

Kitchen dismantling / disposal, Vienna

Dear Sir or Madam! We would need someone who, in addition to kitchen dismantling / disposal, also offers the coloring of the kitchen (about 25 square meters, furnished). 2 cooking lines with a total of 3.6 linear meters (each base and wall units), to remove would be further tiles in the extent of about 2 square meters. Please also ask for the disposal of the kitchen parts (and, if necessary, the appliances, if they can not be passed on). Please contact us! Best regards,Franz S.

Kitchen renovation – new floor, paint walls, rework gas/electricity, renew furniture, Vienna

Hello! – new flooring (robust, easy to clean; Laminate?) – Paint walls (waterproof paint, washable) – Modernize gas installation (connection; currently the stove is permanently connected, a modern quick connection system with tap would be desirable) – Add electrical installation (a few sockets, a distributor for extractor hood) – Replace old furniture and work surfaces with new ones (sink edging and work surface made of stone or sturdy wood, possibly adapted furniture with lower depth) The picture is aPi*thumb Paint image without scales. Yours sincerely,Thomas D.