New look for your kitchen: That’s how cheap you can renew the kitchen fronts yourself!


If you want to renew your kitchen kitchen, it does not always have to be an expensive new kitchen. Often it is enough to renew the kitchen fronts. We show you three inexpensive variants.

With new kitchen fronts you give your kitchen a fresh look for little money. © –

A new kitchen can quickly cost several thousand euros. It is much cheaper to renew the kitchen fronts yourself. This will give your kitchen a new look without having to spend a lot of money. Renew kitchen fronts – three variantsRenew kitchen fronts cheaplyKitchen fronts in redRenew kitchen front with veneer

Often the carcasses of the kitchen furniture are still in good condition, but the fronts are worn or the doors are hanging. So what could be more obvious than just renewing the kitchen fronts and leaving the raw structure of the kitchen standing?

We have carried out such a partial renovation in three different price categories and show with what little means you can achieve great effects.

This is what our kitchen looked like before the kitchen fronts were renewed. © Christian BordesCheap renewal of kitchen fronts

The cheapest way to renew kitchen fronts includeslilac accentsnewly painted handles,anthracite-coloured wreath stripsas well as aluminium profiles

This variant costs around 500 euros. The cuisine selected and refreshed by us is over 20 years old, which is also reflected in the color scheme in cream-beige.

Therefore, only the dark green handles in imitation oak wood were dismantled and provided with matt black spray paint* on the fronts in the cheapest variant. The effect was astounding, because after all, the combination of cream and coffee-colored fronts can already be found in the current kitchen catalogs.

The slightly modified kitchen with lilac accents.New kitchen fronts in red

Here, the entire front was replaced by high-gloss red doors and a new splash guard was installed. The renovation costs amount to around 1,100 euros.

The high-gloss fronts* are admitted, for example at Ikea in different widths. If the fronts are still not available at the heights you need, use a hand or circular table saw to saw the panels to the exact size of your kitchen and seal the cut edges with an edge banding* for ironing.

If the hinge spacing does not fit, the pot tapes are drilled with a 35-millimeter Forstner drill so that they fit the old body. Finally, everything is adjusted and the hinges are screwed back onto the body.

The end result is impressive: the kitchen fronts shine in new high-gloss red.

With the right tools, the project succeeds even better. These hand-held circular saws perform best for do-it-yourselfers:

DisplayRenew kitchen front with veneer

If you want a more natural furnishing style, you can use wood veneer* to renew your kitchen fronts. In our example, we used an oak veneered joinery board and installed a splash guard consisting of dark grey needle felt* with real glass panes.

The renovation costs here amount to around 800 euros. We had the fronts made of oak veneered joinery board sawn at the wood dealer and provided them ourselves with a real wood edge for ironing.

If ironing is too tedious for you, you can also have this work done. Either your specialist dealer offers this service directly, or you commission a carpenter who can certainly help you with his edge banding machine.

Now all that remains is to drill in the pot tapes and mount the handles – the kitchen is ready with a completely new face.

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