Tips For Choosing A Minimalist House Wall Paint Color

Wall Paint Color

Choosing the right wall paint color doesn’t just make the house look more beautiful and attractive. But it can also make a minimalist home feel more comfortable and spacious. The problem is, that choosing house paint colors is much more complicated than we think. The reason is, that choosing the wrong wall paint color makes a minimalist home look tacky and excessive. On the other hand, playing it safe with neutral colors makes the house look boring. So, what should be done so that a minimalist home looks attractive but also comfortable? No need to worry, see tips for choosing a minimalist house wall paint color so that the residence feels more spacious and comfortable below:

Get To Know the Concept Of Home

Recognizing the model and concept of the house is an important key in choosing the right wall paint color. Is it more carrying the concept of a minimalist, modern, classic, or traditional house? When carrying the concept of a minimalist home, actually choosing wall paint colors is a little easier. Given, that a minimalist house has a simple and clean shape. So, even simple colors can still create a stunning modern impression in a minimalist home.

Looking for Inspiration

Mama Papa also needs to find a lot of inspiration in choosing the right house wall paint color. These tips are very important to do, especially if we still don’t have a picture of the design and atmosphere of a dream minimalist home. We can look for inspiration from magazines or blogs specifically for home interior design.

Based On Your Favorite Color

Surely Mama Papa has a favorite color, right? There is nothing wrong with making your favorite color the inspiration for the desired minimalist house paint color. Indirectly, minimalist paint colors can bring a more comfortable and homey home atmosphere.

Neutral Color Play

Many think the neutral wall paint color is white. In fact, many neutral colors other than white are no less interesting to consider. By doing the right mix and match, playing neutral colors can make a minimalist home feel more spacious and comfortable.

Shade Dark To Light Vertically

If you are still having trouble choosing a paint color, Mama Papa can apply dark and light shades vertically. This color combination is done by using dark colors on the walls, and light shades on the ceiling colors.

Do a Simple Test

After getting several color choices, tips on choosing the right minimalist house wall paint color are next by doing a simple test. How to? Just paint some colors on one side of the wall at home. Line up each selected color, then let it sit for 1-2 days. Pay attention to how the color of the walls looks when you get direct light in the morning and afternoon, and when you only get light at night.

Customize With Home Furnishings

No less important, Mama Papa also needs to adjust the furniture to get the right wall paint color. Without realizing it, the selection of the right and harmonious colors according to home furnishings can make the room look more comfortable to look.

Those are some tips for choosing a minimalist house wall paint color that Mama Papa can follow. I hope this helps!