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You renovate where others only fill. You can still get something out of your old Küche. We’ll show you how.

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You renovate where others only fill. You can still get something out of your old kitchen. We’ll show you how.

Also ne kitchen comes times in the years. Then it’s time to do something. A completely new kitchen is expensive, so you should think carefully beforehand whether this is necessary at all. You can also make a big impact with a smaller budget and less effort.

If you are mainly concerned with revamping the look and bringing in a bit of fresh air, you can make many cheaper renovations to your kitchen. However, if hinges, fittings or pull-outs of the cabinets are broken in your kitchen, you should think about buying a new kitchen. Even if you need much more space in the kitchen or want to change the whole room structurally, a new kitchen is worthwhile. If your conclusion is optical change, then you can still make something out of your old kitchen. Make something new out of what you already have. When passion becomes pride, you stand in your renovated kitchen.

Your kitchen stands and falls with the kitchen fronts, if they do not fit, your kitchen will quickly no longer fit you. If you want to make them new, you have a few options.

With primer and hybrid varnish, you can give your kitchen furniture a new paint and thus your kitchen a whole new color. This is much cheaper than the purchase of a new kitchen and also easy to implement yourself. You can have the hybrid paint mixed in your desired color and thus give your fronts the right polish. In our instructions you will learn step by step how to do it.Dunkle Küche<\/b><\/p>“,”altText”:”\t\t\tback to nature 04\t\t”,”images”:”bp1200″:”\t\t\t×800.jpg.webp\t\t”,”bp320″:”\t\t\ t×213.jpg.webp\t\t”,”bp480″:”\t\t\t×320.jpg.webp\t\t”,”bp768″:”\t\t\t×512.jpg.webp\t\t”,”bp992″:” \t\t\t×661.jpg.webp\t\t”,”jpg992Default”:”\t\t\t×661.jpg\t\t”,”sliderText”:”

Küche in natural colors<\/b><\/p> “,”altText”:”\t\t\tget together 01\t\t”,”images”:”bp1200″:”\t\t\t×800.jpg.webp\t\t”,”bp320″:”\t\t\t\t×213.jpg.webp\t\t”,”bp480″:” \t\t\t×320.jpg.webp\t\t”,”bp768″:”\t\t\t×512.jpg.webp\t\t”,”bp992″:”\t\t\t\t×661.jpg.webp\t\t”,”jpg992Default”:” \t\t\t×661.jpg\t\t”,”sliderText”:”

Küche with color<\/b><\/p>“,”altText”:”\t\t\t\tkuechenfronten renovate classic white\t\t”,”images”:”bp1200″:”\t\t\ t×800.jpg.webp\t\t”,”bp320″:”\t\t\t×213.jpg.webp\t\t”,”bp480″:”\t\t\ t×320.jpg.webp\t\t”,”bp768″:”\t\t\t×512.jpg.webp\t\t”,”bp992″:”\t\t\ t×661.jpg.webp\t\t”,”jpg992Default”:”\t\t\t×661.jpg\t\t”,”sliderText”:”

Classic Weiß<\/b><\/p>“]” slides-to-show=”1″>

Dark kitchen

Kitchen in natural colours

Kitchen with color

Classic White

Modern are dark colors in the kitchen such as anthracite or black. Contrary to their reputation, dark colors do not have to overwhelm your kitchen, but can make the room look modern and homely. Coloured fronts go well with wood. Especially in combination with warm colors or pastel colors, your kitchen looks modern and homely after the kitchen renovation. Of course, what is always possible when renovating the kitchen: White fronts. They are timeless, but currently also totally modern and it is difficult to get enough of them. White fronts in combination with wood are in vogue. For example, you can also cover the front of your kitchen island with wooden slats.

If you don’t want to paint, you can also glue your fronts with adhesive film. For this you need some patience and above all a steady hand. Of course, you can also replace the kitchen fronts.

Do you still like the color of your kitchen furniture? The simplest form of kitchen renovation: Replace the handles of your kitchen cabinets. With new handles, your kitchen will look different. It is best to use handles made of metal or plastic. Because cooking produces a lot of steam, which also contains fat. Kitchen handles made of stainless steel or exoleted aluminium are easy to clean and easy to clean. Make sure that you either use the holes of your old handles with the new handles or cover them with them.

Furniture handles & furniture knobs

A simple kitchen renovation with a lot of effect includes a new kitchen back wall. This enhances your kitchen and you can install the new kitchen back wall yourself. The simplest option is to glue your old kitchen back wall with a special film made of hard PVC. It is heat-resistant and has a water-repellent surface. as a result, there are no tile joints and thus less cleaning effort.