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The renovation of the bathroom is hardly avoidable after many years of daily use, not only to restore freshness and well-being as on the first day, but also to have important components, pipes and sanitary facilities checked and replaced. In this article, we will show you what to consider and what costs you have to expect.

3 September 2019

The bathroom is a very important part of the living concept in our time. Long gone Bathroom Renovations are the days when the so-called wet room simply served the minimum necessary personal hygiene. Nowadays, most people want to have their own little wellness oasis where they can pamper themselves and relax.

Accordingly, bathrooms have become more and more luxurious, comfortable and elegant. In the case of new buildings, generous planning and investments are usually made from the outset. More and more homeowners are also deciding to renovate the bathroom, on the one hand to revel in luxury themselves and on the other hand to ensure the value retention of the house or often even to achieve an increase in value. Because it is now known: with a modern bathroom and a high-quality kitchen, the value of the house stands and falls! When should you renovate the bathroom?

There are different reasons to have the bathroom renovated. Clearly, a renovation is due if the bathroom has real defects. Examples include:damaged porcelaincalcified and damaged pipesCracks in the tilesDamaged sanitary objectsWater damage in the walls

Another common reason to have the bathroom renovated is that you want to make it suitable for the elderly or disabled. At some point, the time has come for each of us when showering or bathing becomes increasingly difficult and dangerous. You will find further information on the subject of installing shower enclosures in this article. Handles next to the toilet and generally a more spacious room concept are also important factors here. In this case, therefore, the bathtub is usually removed to make room for a more spacious shower with handles and seating and walk-in access. Due to these measures, of course, everything has to be retiled, making a complete bathroom renovation unavoidable.

If you bought an older home, a bathroom renovation might also come to mind. Firstly, the bathroom may be outdated or not to your liking and secondly, a bathroom is a very intimate area where many people simply do not want to have already used sanitary objects. They therefore often decide to rebuild the bathroom according to their own ideas.

Receive non-binding offers from the sanitary facilities in your area nowPreliminary considerations on the subject of renovating the bathroom

Before you can start looking for prices and estimates, you should first think about a few things in advance. Because the different tasks are usually carried out by different craftsmen.

So first think about what exactly you want to do with the bathroom. Should the existing bathroom simply be equipped with new and fancier sanitary objects and more modern fittings? Of course, in this case, you do not have to charge the cost of tiles and tile laying. Or should the bathroom be designed completely for the elderly? Should only a new shower cubicle and a mirror cabinet provide a breath of fresh air in the bathroom, or should the entire layout be changed and even walls removed or pulled in? What about the lighting concept? Should additional light sources be created and are new cables and connections perhaps necessary for this? With these questions, we just want to show you that there are endless options when it comes to bathroom renovation.

In general, you should keep in mind that the bathroom is used daily, usually by several family members. So everyone will benefit from the investment – every day and for many years. It is therefore certainly worthwhile not to save in the wrong place and to treat yourself to something in this important area of the house.

If, for example, a shower cubicle is not functional and uncomfortable to climb, you will be annoyed every day and quickly wish you had invested a few hundred francs more and bought a better option. Also, do not forget that you not only invest the money in your comfort, but the bathroom renovation practically always brings an increase in the value of your property.

Next, you should really plan carefully, especially from a functional point of view, only then should you make aesthetic considerations. This concerns the layout or functions that a shower or a faucet, for example, should have. With the toilet, the water consumption is also an important thing, especially since you can really save a lot over a longer period of time, so that a slightly more expensive option may pay off quickly in the end.

The lighting concept should also be consistent, because in the bathroom you want to see well near the mirror – down to the last detail, for example for make-up, shaving and hairdressing. In addition to the useful lighting, do not forget the mood lighting, because lying in the bathtub with relaxing music and a few scented candles is certainly not pleasant with cold white LED lighting. Dimmable, indirect lighting is much more in demand here. Renovating bathrooms – costs

In the bathroom there are numerous elements and various works to be taken into account in the cost of renovation. So now that you know exactly what you want to renovate in the bathroom, you can start to get expert quotes. Essentially, this concerns the following areas:SanitaryPlaster workLaying tiles and slabsElectrical workSanitation

Functioning and, of course, attractive sanitary facilities are the most important component of a modern bathroom. If the systems are outdated or broken, they must at least be repaired, but usually replaced. This applies, for example, to toilets, sinks, bathtubs and showers.

Sanitary facilities are of course available in different price ranges, so you can find something nice with every budget. However, it is important that you pay attention to the quality. Because with poor quality, you run the risk of having to replace the objects after a relatively short time. On average, you should calculate costs of CHF 430.- to CHF 850.- for the installation and connection of toilets, sinks and shower or tub drains. Plaster work

Another important aspect in the bathroom is the quality of the plaster, as the walls are constantly exposed to high humidity. Gypsum work must therefore be carried out particularly carefully, because improper work can quickly lead to mold infestation and this is not only an aesthetic problem, but above all a health problem. Therefore, leave the plastering/plastering to a professional. If a flush-mounted system is already available, plastering costs CHF 10.- to 45.-Laying panels per square metre

As a rule, as part of a bathroom renovation, panels must also be laid partially or in the entire bathroom. Three work steps must be carried out:Preparatory work (removal of the old plates and preparation of the substrate)Laying the panelsGrouting with silicone

Again, it is best to have the panels laid professionally so that they are perfectly sealed and laid out evenly. Without material costs, the costs for the work of the plate layer are CHF 30.- to CHF 45.-. Since the installation of wall panels is more complex, you have to expect slightly higher costs, more precisely up to CHF 50.- per square meter. Here you will find a detailed article from us on the costs of a professional plate layer.