Renovating Bathrooms: Pay Attention to These 8 Tips

2Q==Your bathroom is getting old? In order for the sanitary facility to become a real oasis of well-being, good planning is essential. Only then is it possible for this room to fully meet your requirements for design and functionality. We have put together important tips on the subject of bathroom renovation for you below. Tip 1: Take enough time for planning

The bathtub has long since passed its best times, and the bathroom furniture as well as the panels on the wall and floor do not just feel like they are from another century? Then the time has come to give the bathroom a fresh face.

A renovated or newly built bathroom is a real gain for your four walls – for many years. Therefore, well-thought-out planning is the be-all and end-all. In the first step, it is helpful to collect ideas, inspirations and wishes for the redesign.

In the next step, take enough time to define your requirements for the room. The number of family members who use the bathroom every day plays an important role. Bathroom planning should be dBathroom Renovations one with a view to the future. Ten years from now, your needs and those of other household members may look very different than they do today.

Another keyword is accessibility. Suggestions and inspiration as well as important information about bathroom planning can be found at the Trade fairs and specialist companies offer additional opportunities for inspiration. The same applies to the baths of your relatives and friends.Tip 2: Write a wish list

At this stage of your bathroom planning, dreaming is allowed, even encouraged. What should the bathroom look like later? Do you want a green oasis? Or should it rather be a modern facility with timeless sanitary facilities and smart fittings?

Write down how you imagine your dream bathroom. Already at this stage, we recommend taking into account the number of people who will use the bathroom. Tip 3: Determine your needs

Have you dreamed extensively? Then it’s time for realization. To do this, create a list of requirements. It is helpful to orient yourself to current and possible future needs. The following considerations should be included in the planning to renovate the bathroom:

– Hand wash basin: Is one enough, or are two needed?

– Are a bathtub and shower desired?

– Should the shower be built barrier-free and at ground level?

– Should a toilet be integrated into the bathroom? If space permits, it may make sense to separate the toilet from the bathroom.

– What fittings and facilities do you need in the bathroom? List these elements and their possible design. Tip 4: Put your ideas on paper

Your new dream bathroom is slowly taking shape. This step is about making the bathroom dreams come true. For this, it is essential that you know the exact dimensions of the room. To do this, make a sketch of your premises.

It is important to consider every angle and every corner in the room. Of course, the heights in the room are not to be forgotten. Once you have completely measured the room and created a sketch from it, you can now insert your ideas into it.

This is when you think about where and how to place something. What is possible, which dreams can actually be realized? It is ideal if you make several sketches at the same time. This gives you the opportunity to play through different variants.

Find out which bathroom best suits your dreams. If you do not want or cannot make the sketches by hand, our virtual room planner tools offer a good alternative. Of course, our experienced experts are also at your side during planning on request.Tip 5: Light and shadow in the bathroom – plan your lighting concept

Light doesn’t just illuminate the dark, it sets the scene. Beautiful things are highlighted, and the insignificant can be hidden. With the right light, your new bathroom will get a great atmosphere, and it will release positive emotions.

When renovating your bathroom, good lighting design is therefore indispensable. Practicality combines with aesthetics and good light quality. At the same time, glare-free visibility is essential.

So which light is right for your new bathroom? In the morning, a very bright, shadow- and glare-free light is needed. Then the shave and the make-up succeed equally. A high proportion of blue in the light spectrum also acts as a real pick-me-up.

However, it is not enough just to select the right bulbs. How the luminaires are arranged in the room plays a decisive role. Our qualified partners advise you free of charge and professionally. Tip 6: Renovate bathrooms – choose floor and wall coverings

Just a few years ago, it was clear that there could only be one coating in the bathroom, namely ceramic panels. With the development of design floor coverings, this has changed fundamentally. Modern full vinyl coverings can even be used in the demanding wet areas of the shower without mold or swelling of the individual panels. Ceramic panels – the classic among wall and floor coverings in the bathroom

Although the top dog among floor and wall coverings for the bathroom has received strong competition, panels are still regarded by many as the floor covering par excellence. This is especially true for the area of the shower and the bath.

Panels prevent the wall or floor from becoming damp and thus prevent mould from developing. They are easy to clean and are defining style elements. When choosing panels, it is important to pay attention to the overall concept of the new room:

– A timeless design of the panels harmoniously rounds off a modern bathroom.

– Visually enlarge small bathrooms: Simply select larger plate formats.

– Fancy designs or a touch of extravagance desired? A lot is possible with plates. Please note: Patterned panels may visually shrink a room. If they are used as color highlights, they come into their own. All around it, monochrome plates matched to the patterns provide the perfect backdrop. Visit our partner exhibition of HGC. Design floors for the bathroom – modern floor coverings with a natural character

Moisture, water and heat – all these are factors that place high demands on a floor or wall covering. Under certain conditions, it is also possible to use real wood in the bathroom. However, this is associated with corresponding costs and effort.

We are happy to actively assist you in the selection and placement of appropriate specialist companies. So-called design floors are much less complicated. These are, for example, high-quality vinyl coverings.

In the full vinyl version, all layers are made of PVC. They do not absorb water, so there is no risk of them swelling when humid. Even temperature changes cannot harm the coverings. Tip 7: The arrangement of the sanitary facility

In the meantime, you have decided on a certain style and the matching floor/wall coverings. Now it is important to divide the room sensibly and stylishly: Where does the shower fit, and where can the sinks be installed?

Is a toilet planned or already available? Where should it be located in the future? The following tips will help you arrange your sanitary facilities:

– Does the room have a window? If this is the case, we recommend that you place mirrors and sinks near it.

– When you renovate the bathroom, all pipes are already in place. A new installation is only necessary if the installations are completely changed or if power cables or pipes have to be replaced. Usually, the existing ones can be used and supplemented if necessary.

– If a toilet in the bathroom is planned, place the device so that the toilet is not immediately visible when entering the room. We also recommend that you allow a generous distance to other facilities and to the walls.

– Exercise possibilities: Especially in the morning, there may be several people in the bathroom. Be sure to leave enough space. Tip 8: Don’t forget storage space

Even if it does not seem like it at first glance: In the bathroom there is a lot to accommodate. Care supplies, cosmetics, towels and the like need a fixed location. Therefore, plan enough storage space for these things.