Renovating in the bathroom: tips for your dream bathroom

ZA wonderfully new bathroom is something great. A modern bathtub, a large rain shower with a high wellness factor and tiles in a modern design. Yes, such a newly renovated bathroom is pure luxury. So why not make this dream come true? Our ultimate bathroom renovation tips and lots of pictures for inspiration await you in this post! Modern bathroom with gray tiles and warm wood furnitureThe first step: A plan is needed

Nothing replaces good planning! It is best to make a sketch first. The dimensions of the room should be carefully considered, as well as those of the existing or new bathroom furniture. You can cut out the bathroom furniture and the sanitary facilities to scale and then move them back and forth on your sketch to see what fits where. Just keep in mind that the laying of water or electricity connections is another cost factor! Architectural plans

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A thorough planning is the alpha and ODusche, bathtub, toilet and sink: Everything new?

Renovation work in the bathroom can be very complex and costly. So before you completely gutt your bathroom, you should consider whether there is something that can be upgraded with a few simple steps and a small budget. An older sink doesn’t look so great in an old bathroom in need of renovation. But in a newly renovated bathroom in retro style, such an “old piece” can become an absolutely trendy eye-catcher! This saves time and money and is environmentally friendly at the same time.An old tub gives the otherwise modern bathroom a real charm! Renovating in the bathroom: New fixtures

The fittings are quickly replaced and can give an aging bathroom a new shine. The perfect solution for those who want to modernize their bathroom with little money. Both at the sink and on the bathtub and in the shower, the fittings including hose can be easily removed by laymen and replaced by new models. Tiles in the bathroom

You have two options: Either you beautify existing tiles, for example with special tile varnish or with tile foil – or you decide to completely replace the tiles. If you have decided to beautify, you can make old tiles shine again with a varnish. If required, extra suitably tailored tile foils provide colourful accents. A cost-effective way to renovate the bathroom where you can do everything yourself. You prefer a complete redesign? This is also no problem with the right craftsman at your side! Ceramic tiles and tools for tiler. Worker hand installing floor tiles. Home improvement, renovation – ceramic tile floor adhesive, mortar, level.

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Rather have tiles laid by a professionalWall tile Ornamenta White by www.fliesen24.comWall tile Havana Finca by

Not only tiles but also the color of the walls has a decisive influence on the look of the new bathroom! If you find it difficult to get going in the morning, you can help with a bright sun yellow on the walls. If the evening wellness program is more important to you, you can paint your walls in a strong shade of blue, this color helps to relax and lets white furniture really come into its own. The bathroom furniture of the SOPOT-01 series comes into its own in front of a colorful tile wallNew bathroom furniture in modern design

What Bathroom Renovations rounds off successful renovations best? Exactly: New bathroom furniture! You can find a large selection of modern sets in our online shop! From modern country house design to cool industrial style to charming retro chic, everything is there! So it’s worth taking a look! Here are some inspirations for how your renovated bathroom could look with new furniture:The finishing touch: Setting decorative accents