Renovating the kitchen: ideas & tips for implementation

ZWhether small cosmetic corrections or an elaborately planned kitchen renovation. There are many ways to spice up the old kitchen and create a new and modern feel. Ideas such as renewing kitchen fronts or the tile mirror, adding new color to the kitchen or simply bringing new accessories into play can be implemented with little or a little more kitchen effort. But always with great effect. An overview and many tips can be found on this page.Find specialist companies for your project nowFind specialist companies on siteReceive up to 5 quotes in one requestGuaranteed simple, free of charge and without obligation!Topic Overview & NavigationOf small and big ideas and plans to renovate the kitchen1. Idea: Redesign the look with simple means2. Idea: Modernize old kitchen appliances3. Idea: Completely rebuild the kitchen from different points of view4. Idea: Set up with new furniture5. Idea: Beautify the kitchen with little budget6. Idea: Renew the kitchen fronts7. Idea: Renew the countertops8. Idea: Renew the tile mirrorRenovating the kitchen: ideas and tips for implementation

With simple ideas and possibilities, the old kitchen can be renovated and thus avoid an expensive new purchase. And with a result that the old kitchen looks like new in the end. With well-preserved kitchens, the kitchen renovation is definitely worth it.

How much do you want to spend on kitchen renovation? And what should be more beautiful and practical? Should household appliances primarily be replaced, colours in the room made more modern or more lighting accents set? If you renovate the old kitchen, you have the advantage over a new purchase to be able to plan with a precise budget. Without having to go to the holiday fund afterwards, because the acquisition costs are higher. Kitchen renovation for little money

It depends on whether you want to modernize the appliances with an expensive purchase or even plan a major renovation and invest more money, or whether you simply redesign and beautify the kitchen with good ideas and tips. The latter is possible with a small budget, but still big impact. When renovating, set color accents by painting a wall or sections in color. A kitchen can also be spiced up with new accessories or individual pieces of furniture that are integrated. Tips for kitchen fronts

“Renovate the kitchen” also includes renewing the kitchen fronts. Because the fronts are certainly the most striking feature in the whole kitchen and can be changed with different ideas. They can either be replaced or refurbished, which is more expensive depending on the measure and material and involves more effort. If new handles are also attached, the renovation achieves a great result with little effort. Or give the kitchen a new shine by renewing the old countertop. On our kitchen portal you will find many ideas and tips. Renovate the kitchen on your own

Those who are skilled craftsmen can save a lot of money by carrying out the exchange or processing on their own. This is especially true for renewing the tile mirror between upper and lower cabinets. Many do-it-yourself tips and ideas can be found in magazines or on the Internet. But if you want to be on the safe side or get tips for individual kitchen renovation, you can consult a specialist. Meanwhile, there are even companies that specialize in replacing kitchen fronts.

If you are looking for a specialist company from the region, you can request suitable offers via our free service. Remodeling an old kitchen with simple means

Sometimes there is a great desire to redesign the old kitchen to get a breath of fresh air into the four walls. With easy-to-implement ideas and a little effort, the old kitchen can be given a whole new face. The visible fronts can usually be easily replaced or simply refreshed with a new paint. If individual small accessories and furniture are added and perhaps a new coat of paint for the wall, expensive kitchens that are still well preserved can be redesigned and revived into a modern living space. Redesigning the old kitchen: ideas & tips for a fresh look

If you do not want to invest in a new kitchen, you can also redesign your old kitchen with a few ideas and for little money. Especially with expensive fitted kitchens, where only the fronts are getting old, it is worthwhile to convert only the visible components such as fronts or worktop and leave the kitchen base standing. Because the body is often still in good shape. Such partial renovations can also be carried out gradually, so that the costs can be better calculated when remodeling. Redesign fronts, but the basis remains

If it is a branded kitchen, new fronts can often be ordered from the manufacturer. Ikea is the best example of this. If you are a skilled craftsman, you can cut fronts from panels yourself with the help of a hand and table saw or adapt purchased fronts to the desired size. Cut edges can be easily sealed with a banding for ironing.

If you do not have so much experience in cutting and do not want to hire a carpenter, you can also redesign the kitchen fronts with color. For this purpose, the surfaces should be roughened beforehand and thoroughly degreased. An alternative to painting is gluing with foil.

Whether with old or new fronts: Handles can always be replaced quickly and inexpensively. This sets accents and provides new pep and a change to the old kitchen. Straight and elongated handles give a tidy and clear kitchen image. Handle-free kitchens give a modern and purist look.New colour concept for walls and individual kitchen parts

Whether in addition to the redesigned fronts or not: a new color concept always brings a fresh change of scenery for an old kitchen. Simple colours and clear lines make the kitchen appear modern and noble. Thus, accents can be set with a fresh coat of paint, so that the old kitchen or only individual elements appear new. Especially if you only want to redesign parts of the wall. More ideas & tips for remodeling

By replacing the worktop, a greater effect can also be achieved in the near future, because worktops are usually the most worn in the kitchen. From solid wood panels to laminate surfaces, there is the right product for every budget to redesign the work surfaces.

Mounting wall panels is also easy and inexpensive. Panels or wall cladding replace the old tile mirror and can also have a great effect when choosing the right material and color.

With new and improved lighting accents, a great atmosphere can be created. Again, there are many tips and possibilities to achieve different moods with indirect light. A well-lit work surface makes it easier to work in the kitchen.

Further tips on kitchen renovation and details on the work steps can be found in our overview. For larger renovation work that is difficult to accomplish yourself, you can request kitchen professionals from your region free of charge via our quotation service. Kitchen modernization with new appliances

The old kitchen is perhaps still well preserved and the built-in appliances still work perfectly. However, appliance and kitchen manufacturers have developed and launched a new generation of appliances in the last ten years. In the following text we want to show that these are much more energy- and water-saving. A new purchase is often worthwhile and the old kitchen can also be easily modernized without much dirt. Modernize the old kitchen with new economical appliances

Kitchens are quite expensive to buy. And a high-quality kitchen, which was once very expensive, the age is not visible even after years. However, the consumption of electricity and water of the devices is, even if they still function perfectly.