Renovating the kitchen – simple ideas

2Q==Renovating the kitchen kitchen – simple ideas

The Finnish company A.S.Helsingö complements the basic structure of the Ikea kitchens “Metod” and “Faktum” with individual doors, cover plates, plinths, handles, faucets, sinks or worktops,

Instead of buying a new kitchen right away, you can simply spice up and beautify yours – with new fronts or handles, for example. We show you ideas on how to give your kitchen a new shine quickly and easily while renovating without much effort.

In many households there are kitchens that are getting old, but whose core is still in good shape. It is worthwhile to make small cosmetic corrections instead of replacing the entire kitchenette. With new fronts, worktops or modern handles, the face of a kitchen can be easily changed. But first things first:Mucking out and cleaning the kitchen

If you want to feel comfortable in your kitchen, you should keep things tidy: If the kitchen sinks into chaos, it costs nerves – and there is no joy in cooking. If you want to get a good overview of the status quo in the kitchen, you have to clear out cabinets and drawers. What do you have, what supplies do you have, what food has already run out? Broken kitchen utensils can be removed, duplicate or superfluous ones are donated or given away, old food is disposed of. Once thoroughly wiped through, you can put kitchen cabinets, drawers and refrigerator back in place – and appreciate your own kitchen more again.

Good organization needs to be learned, especially in the kitchen – because a well thought-out system ensures more fun when cooking. Here are tips for structure in the kitchen. Replacing kitchen fronts

The most dominant feature of a kitchen is its fronts. Material and color, all this catches the eye of the viewer and shapes the first impression. A kitchen that no longer meets the fashionable requirements can be quickly and easily transformed into a visually new one by replacing the fronts – thanks to the standardized dimensions of the fitted kitchen. Most kitchen systems are composed of standardized components. A single body usually has a footprint of 60 x 60 centimeters. The usual width of a front is therefore 60 centimeters, whereby the height can vary from kitchen to kitchen. The easiest way is to look around at the manufacturer of the kitchen to be renovated. Often there are new fronts that can also be combined with older cabinets or fit on the body of another kitchen.

Since 2014, the Copenhagen-based company Reform has been giving Ikea kitchens a fresh exterior. The current design comes from designer Sigurd Larsen – and relies increasingly on aluminum.

An alternative to the pre-produced fronts of the common kitchen manufacturers is a custom-made product by a specialist. A carpenter can help with wooden fronts. The craftsman can respond to irregular measurements or extravagant wishes. Meanwhile, there are also companies that specialize in the replacement of kitchen fronts and offer fronts in various dimensions, materials and surfaces – for example, real wood, veneer, laminate, plastic films, melamine resin coating, matt or glossy color varnish. With decorative foils, the appearance of a kitchen can also be changed quickly. Self-adhesive films are applied to the front of the old fronts and quickly give the aging kitchen a completely new face. For real wood fronts, another variant is available. Thus, the fronts can be renovated on your own or by a specialist by sanding them down and repainting or glazing. Replace work surfaces

A wooden kitchen worktop looks warm and homely.

By changing the worktop, great effects can be achieved in a short time. With a little skill or the skill of a specialist, the renovated kitchen shines in new splendor. For now, however, you are spoilt for choice. When buying a claimed work surface such as a kitchen, you should pay attention to good quality and a durable material.

Work surfaces made of laminate are widely available and can also be obtained in DIY stores. Laminate in various decors surrounds a core of chipboard or multiplex. They are inexpensive, easy to clean and reasonably hard-wearing, although they can only withstand high temperatures to a limited extent. Slightly more expensive are worktops made of solid wood. They give the kitchen a cozy atmosphere, but are in need of care and must be treated with oil or sanded off every now and then. For the kitchenModern worktops

In professional kitchens there are mainly work surfaces made of stainless steel. The material is heat-resistant, easy to maintain and therefore less susceptible to bacteria and viruses. In addition, sinks and fittings made of stainless steel can be welded directly to the worktop. Thus, no dirt can settle on the grooves and edges. In addition to different stone slabs, there are also custom-made concrete or work surfaces made of ceramic, acrylic and artificial stone.

A noble variant is a worktop made of granite. They are available in kitchen shops or custom-made by stonemasons. Granite is very hard, therefore also heat-resistant and insensitive to scratches. Marble, on the other hand, is much softer and therefore more vulnerable. The stone has the property of absorbing liquids quickly, which can lead to stains.

Your kitchen needs a small change? How about leather handles for the door fronts? Our video shows how this works. New handles for kitchen cabinets

Probably the fastest and easiest way to renovate a kitchen is to replace the handles. With this partial renovation you bring a modern look to every kitchen. First, the old handles should be unscrewed from the fronts. The released boreholes and their spacing serve as a unit of measurement when purchasing the new handles, because they should either use the existing holes or cover them. Otherwise, there are no limits to your imagination. Handles for fronts and drawers are available in all shapes, colours and materials – horizontal or vertical, made of stainless steel, wood or lacquered plastic, classically curved or simply modern. You decide which style suits you and your interior.

Panels in wood look: “Elements” by Nanoleaf, price: from approx. 230 euros,

© NanoleafPutting the kitchen wall in the limelight

With Nanoleaf’s modular panels (see photo above) you can light up your kitchen wall. Best of all, it’s super easy to install. Via adhesive tapes (included), the panels can be conveniently and easily attached to the wall and designed. “Nanoleaf Elements” comprises a total of eleven curated scenes, sometimes reminiscent of smoldering embers and sometimes of a quiet waterfall. Or you can turn on music syncing, where the panels align with the selected music. More kitchen renovation ideas

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Old tiles in the kitchen can be quickly embellished with tile stickers – and without dust and dirt. Even grey joints become bright white again with a few tricks.

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