Renovation in the half-timbered house – this is how the new shower in the bathroom takes shape

9k=“I prefer Bathroom Renovations to live unusually” this wish comes true with a half-timbered house. However, if you want to redesign the living space in the half-timbered house according to your personal ideas, you can not just start spontaneously. Characteristic features such as inclined walls and ceilings, small rooms, sloping ceilings and visible beam constructions in the interior often restrict the design freedom compared to a new building. In the case of some half-timbered houses, you also have to pay attention to whether they are under monument protection and structural changes are therefore subject to approval.

Renovations in the half-timbered house therefore usually require precise knowledge of historic half-timbered houses, the history and special features of one’s own house as well as pronounced craftsmanship skills (see also PDF file “New living in old half-timbered houses”). Above all, rooms whose furnishings already require a good feeling for dimensions and details and a lot of craftsmanship are not easy to renovate in a half-timbered house. The best example of this, in addition to the kitchen, is the bathroom. The installation of a shower alone can be a real challenge here, as a half-timbered floor plan of the room prevents the use of standard dimensions and shapes. Tips for shower enclosure installation

The installation of a shower is carried out in compliance with certain steps, which should already be kept in mind during planning. Especially in a half-timbered house, it can mean the end for your own dream bathroom if you do not adhere meticulously to these steps. The following aspects must be taken into account when renovating the wet room in the shower area.

Determining requirements for the future shower model: Four factors are central to choosing the right shower enclosure:Location Where is the bathroom space for the shower cubicle?

Form Which shape can be realized at the selected location round shower, corner shower, U-shower, semi-circular shower, pentagonal shower or walk-in shower?

Door Which door fits the size of the bathroom? Is the bathroom big enough for revolving doors? Or do sliding, folding or swinging doors fit into the small bathroom?

Material Which glass should the shower cubicle be made of? What structure, colour, glass thickness and other characteristics should the shower enclosure have?

Determine the correct measurement and, if necessary, order it at a fixed price: A special floor plan may require a measurement, which can also be carried out by the specialists at Duschmeister on request. For this, an exact measurement must be made. This is especially important because warranty claims for shower cabins ordered on the Internet at complete prices are only valid if the order is made stating the exact dimensions. According to the shower master, you play it safe if you have a fitter come for the measurement, who checks, measures and logs the respective bathroom situation. With the help of a configuration of the shower, in which the model of the shower and the bathroom situation are already recorded, and the measurement, you have a precise idea of the shower cubicle that you can order for your own bathroom.

Depending on the size of the bathroom and depending on the extent of the planned construction measures, you should consider when choosing a shower cubicle, which version fits into the bathroom at all. If, for example, the old floor covering is to be preserved, you are well served with a complete shower. Conversely, before installing a walk-in shower, it is often necessary to tear open the entire floor in the bathroom so that new tiles can be laid or a shower tray can be installed. In a half-timbered house, this can entail many more preparatory and follow-up work. That is why it is important to define the implementation possibilities in practice beforehand. The easiest way to implement a shower is to combine an existing shower or bathtub with new pleated bathroom walls. Here, too, you can obtain helpful advice and tips from competent consultants from the field.