Repaired instead of discarded: Nationwide repair bonus starts on 26 April 2022 – Federal Chancellery of Austria

9k=Climate Protection Minister Gewessler: “Repairing is always better than throwing away” – Repair bonus promotes repair of electronic and electrical devices – A total of 130 million euros from EU reconstruction plan funds will flow into the initiative by 2026

Repair e-devices. Protect the environment. Strengthen the economy. Those who have their old electrical appliances repaired make an important contribution to environmental protection and also support regional small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). For this reason, the repair bonus will start throughout Austria on 26 April 2022, replacing 50 percent of the repair costs (up to a maximum of 200 euros). “Repairing is always better than throwing away. The great thing about the repair bonus is that everyone really benefits from it – our environment, our wallets and our businesses. Together, we can take a stand against the throwaway society and save valuable resources,” emphasizes Climate Protection Minister Leonore Gewessler.

Support is provided for the repair of electrical and electronic equipment commonly used in private households. The repair bonus will be implemented with the help of funds from the EU reconstruction plan and will run until 2026. For the first tranche until 31 December 2023, funds of EUR 60 million are available for this purpose. The repair bonus is endowed with a total volume of 130 million euros from the EU reconstruction plan. Coffee machine, smartphone or computer are eligible devices

The initiative supports the repair of electrical and electronic devices commonly used in private households and powered by power cords, rechargeable batteries, batteries or solar panels. The range of supported products is wide and includes, among others:kitchen and household appliances (e.g. coffee machine, kettle, washing machine),tools and garden tools (e.g. drill, high-pressure cleaner),IT and communication equipment (e.g. hi-fi system, smartphone, notebook),consumer electronics (e.g. televisions) andElectrical and electronic equipment for leisure, sports and health (e.g. e-bikes, blood pressure monitors).

Funding is provided for repairs and/or estimates for repair work. Repairs of non-electronic components of electrical and electronic equipment also fall under the repair bonus, such as the defective wheel of a vacuum cleaner. The equipment must be privately owned by the applicants and must not be borrowed or rented. Excluded from the repair bonus are the purchase of a new device or the exchange for a new or another refurbished device. Also excluded are repair services for which there is a claim for replacement from third parties (for example, insurance). The same applies to repairs carried out within the scope of warranty and warranty claims.

Not eligible for funding (“negative device list”):passenger cars, hybrid and electric cars,appliances that require non-renewable energy sources such as natural gas, petrol or diesel for their commissioning (e.g. gas cooker, petrol lawn mower),devices that produce electricity but are not powered by electricity (e.g. emergency generator, photovoltaic system, wind turbine) andBulbs and weapons.

A list of eligible and non-eligible devices can be found on the Repair Bonus website.Private individuals can redeem Repair Bonus vouchers directly in store

Private individuals residing in Austria can obtain a voucher for the repair of electrical appliances on the Reparaturbonus website. Corresponding services can be billed directly by voucher (template digital or printed) within 3 weeks in the repair bonus partner companies. The funding amounts to 50 percent of the costs up to a maximum of 200 euros per repair or a maximum of 30 euros for a cost estimate. Any number of vouchers per person and household for one e-device can be downloaded and redeemed quickly and easily during the funding period. The vouchers are available as long as subsidies are available. However, no further funding from this or any other public body in Austria or the European Union can be claimed for repairs or cost estimates that are supported as part of the federal funding campaign “Repair Bonus 2022-2023”. Repair bonus companies: Establishment in Austria and business license required

Participating establishments will be reimbursed half of the gross cost of each repair; billing is monthly. All participating establishments will be labelled as a repair bonus operation, and they will also be listed on the repair bonus website. A kitchen branch in Austria is required for all participating companies. Also required is the possession of one of the business licenses listed on the repair bonus website, or free trade.Background: Nationwide repair bonus

The aim of the repair bonus is to extend the service life of electrical and electronic equipment and to conserve resources. In this way, the initiative contributes to reducing emissions, climate protection and reducing dependence on critical raw materials. The number of repairs and refurbishments (“refurbishments”) is to be increased, the range of repair options expanded, and consumer information improved. In addition, the repair bonus supports small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Austria, strengthens their image and contributes to job creation and retention.

The legal basis for the repair bonus – an investment that falls within component 1 “Sustainable development” of the National Development and Resilience Plan – was adopted by the National Council on 23 February 2022 as part of the amendment to the Environmental Promotion Act. The amendment includes new subsidies for investments and measures from the EU reconstruction plan 2020 to 2026. In addition to the repair bonus, circular economy measures such as the promotion of deposit systems, but also the switch to climate-friendly heating systems or the fight against energy poverty are to be implemented. The measures are carried out via the funding channels of the Environmental Promotion Act. Kommunalkredit Public Consulting (KPC) GmbH is acting as the settlement agent commissioned by the BMK for the repair bonus – which will be funded with a total of EUR 130 million from funds from the EU reconstruction plan until 2026.Further informationRepair bonus website of the Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK)Climate Protection Ministry – Law for repair bonus passed in the National Council, press release of the BMK on APA-OTS