Respatex | Seamless & waterproof wall cladding

9k=The Respatex system at a glanceFrom the individual panels to the complete wall system – Respatex offers sustainable and cost-effective solutions. That’s why Respatex is used in many private and public buildings and facilities. Our collections Bathroom Renovations

Set individual accents with our different collections.You have the choice between many fresh colors, different surfaces and structures.

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Respatex is used in many homes and public facilities, such as hospitals, hotels, supermarkets or sanitary facilities.

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Waterproof, seamless & easy-care walls

The Respatex wall elements are installed five times faster than tiles. The sustainable and easy-care Respatex wall elements can be easily and quickly mounted on any new and old wall surface.

Simple & fast installation on any surface

Environmentally friendly products for a healthy living environment

25-year manufacturer’s warranty for our durable wall elements

Respatex has many advantages, especially compared to traditional tiles or tiles. The manufacturer guarantees a manufacturer’s warranty on the panels for colour fastness, waterproofness and stain resistance of 25 years! How to get your waterproof wall elements

Take a look at our collections to see which wall panels you like. Give us a call or send us a message by e-mail or WhatsApp – we will get back to you quickly.

We will be happy to advise you on the intended use of your panels and on size, colour, surface and structure!

Here you can order up to 4 color samples for viewing at home! Easy, quick installation of easy-care wall panels

Respatex is wall and surface in one.

The patented click system combines the elements to form an optically closed surface.

The tile optics are visible & tangible.

Quick installation without preparing the walls – no idle & dry times – installation with little construction dirt.

The Respatex wall elements can be mounted on any surface: e.g. wood, plasterboard, brick, plaster, old tiles, as well as studs. Click here for assembly – instructions! Tested environmentally friendly quality from Norway – since 1952

Respatex was developed by the company FIBO in Norway, which initially specialized in wall cladding made of Norwegian wood. Sustainability and environmental protection are particularly important to FIBO – prudent production and supplier selection are certified by various expert opinions.

Meanwhile, the company has decades of experience in the simple and environmentally friendly equipment and renovation of wet areas with its patented waterproof wall cladding system. Thousands of private homes and public buildings have already been successfully equipped with the system: Respatex stands for experience and quality since 1952! Satisfied customers

(…) My recommendation to my friends and acquaintances: “Respatex”. The installation was uncomplicated and the result is great. For the nice advice and fast delivery there is a 1+ (One plus).Thank you very much!

Thank you very much for the uncomplicated and fast order processing! Our guests are very impressed by your panels and feel like in a wellness oasis. The installation was quick and uncomplicated (…).

Our guests should enjoy the simplicity (…) of nature in our four tree houses and yet not give up the luxury of their own bathroom. The high weather resistance paired with great flexibility, ease of installation and maintenance as well as the low material weight tipped the scales in favour of the product. (..)

Baumhotel Auszeit /Kammeltal, Bavaria

For over 10 years, we have been regularly modernizing shower corners or bathrooms with Respatex. Our customers are very satisfied with the quick renovation and easy maintenance. We recommend the wall elements in commercial or private wet rooms without restriction!

We have been working with Respatex and its products for many years now. Our customers are very satisfied and are happy to recommend the products (…). Particularly noteworthy is the very good quality, the processing possibilities and the constantly up-to-date color palette. The deliveries are always punctual and the goods arrive in perfect condition.

Röth Company – Mrs. Essinger