Optimizing Home Ventilation Function

Even though there is no cooling or air conditioning machine, the atmosphere of the house still feels cooler and fresher if it is equipped with windows. Then so that the home ventilation can perform its function more optimally, there are several smart ways that can be applied.

Location and Climate

Perfect ventilation performance is always influenced by the location, climate, time, and condition of the house building. For example, the house is located in a hilly area or a mountain slope. So that the air that flows often comes from above. While the house is located in the coastal area, the wind direction comes from the sea and goes to the land.

Moreover, in certain areas, winds often appear to blow hard. So it needs careful calculations so that the speed can be reduced when entering the room through the ventilation. Plants, fences, or mounds of earth in the yard are the best media for dealing with this problem.

Home Ventilation Models and Designs

Ventilation with a cross design and model is great for bringing fresh air into the room. But besides that, it can also help remove hot air from the house.¬† These openings can be in the … Read More