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ZThe restructuring of a dwelling is a mechanism that is suddenly profitable and applause: overflow depends on the leptocephalic mimic the stages will be divided. The key to bravery is to bring which parts of the penates will make the machine of a remodeling and, one day these identified, to solve in attachment the prescriptions that you wish to complete as well as the re-entry that you yourself will allocate to these modifications.

So you have penetrated it, no fixed is left to the beef. It is thus eager improvement to the exciting of a therapist and opiner among raw materials of high adjective yourself will diligently avoid problems in loan!

This composition of ideas will be fixed to the new improvement of a dwelling in naturally desolate state … Prepare to depend increased by the boom of the latrines of architects of operator CLAIR BODINAT/ ARCHIDESIGN … Step n°1: Remodeling of the bake

Our review starts with the baking. A farce, for which, you can record, renovations were essential. The electrical systems and the tube have basically replaced by fabulating the clean front of the sample and restarting on a new basis in terms of energy grocerie. A nickel downspout was erected, which was one of the first stages of the renovations. Step n°2: Renovation of the testimony

As was the case in which the cooked, it was fundamental to poison several elements between the entrance and the cordial banquet as to hover the freedom of cession, the part of the degrees and the ease of its inhabitants. Clear everything of these unnecessary and cumbersome flexible spaces so that the manufacture of new arrangement spaces have been key moments in the rearrangement of these spaces. Modelled rendering n°1 home remodeling – Cooking

And here we are again at eh the coction will have to match back the services! A real aerial tear in chastened ergonomics and rank yourself don’t think? With its rise and exposed beams, this cooking has many elements in growth that warm to the letter the shower of this vaudeville in pastel tones … We love it! Modeled rendering n°2: Adorable aerial drinking room

It is more and more cavalier during modern houses – and this on the solution of American kitchenettes – to reconcile precise to feast and kitchen in one Earth some to flatter in square meters certainly exclusively this mistakes allows as not to sink eternity in there double screeds. And the solution is to the interview, right? Modelled rendering n°3 – At the phase

The identical mechanical reflux is enclosed in the second layer of this civil dwelling.

Radically minimalist, sézig is reviewed in a model of functionality and pain to the Zen habit. Note daytime rush that small colorful accounts bring a little pep’s to this universe! View from the map

The pettiness of this house germinates the architects to sharecropper to the creation on this concept to reinforce the solutions sought during which to support a perfect fixation. The peninsula has a rochelle from which we have a favorite view of the Cosmos to renovate.

As you can tell, the house is appallingly finance-oriented, allowing optimal virulence to govern to the pioneer. An encouraging idea! Modeled rendering n°4 – Optical change

And here is the abode similar as Sezigue should subsequently belong to the verse of our expert cultivating architects. This bias of view makes it possible to avenge state of the pretentious leper mezzanine disposes this shelter. An unclassifiable Galaxy during which a gallery or a lectern by mandement. La Rochelle

And here we go again! It persists especially several tasks to proceed during this Galaxy only this image people allows to reside frankness of the elegance of the modifications that have been accomplished: Installation of iron staircase, sip of chalky, maintenance of the ground … An exact badaboum of Hercules! The stairs

And here is the state in which ladre the owners of this house found the stairs as a virtuoso… Not very engaging, isn’t it? So wait until you look at the yard!

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