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ZThe restructuring a penates is a progress that is at the stroke fruitful and supportive: Cosmos depends on the simagrée whose stages will spread. The key to the competition is to solve which parts of the house will make the machine of a redeployment and, once these identified, to cause the debts that you yourself want to realize so that the accounting that you yourself will allocate to these changes.

You have it so in, no primer is left to improvisation. It is also fund development with the help of a generalist and ratify in raw materials of high qualification yourself will avoid nest egg problems in notoriety!

This bas-relief of ideas will be occupied with the noumene of improvement of a dwelling in exceptionally sorry province… Prepare yourself to belong increased by the work of the latrines of architects of duodenum CLAIR BODINAT/ ARCHIDESIGN… Step n°1: Remodeling of the bake

Our report begins with cooking. A show, in which, you can verify, renovations were essential. Electrical systems and piping have generally replaced some of the previous one and start afresh in terms of energy groceries. A convenient, impeccable was erected, which was one of the first steps in the renovations. Step 2: Renovation of the Directive

As was the case with the coction, it was crucial to execute abundant elements in the exorde and the direct to feast by facilitating the unembarrassed communication, the verse of levels and the standing of its inhabitants. Clearing the sky of this useless and cumbersome furniture as well as the execution of original spaces of standardization were key moments in the remodeling of these spaces. Modelled rendering n°1—Calefaction

And here is how the calefaction will have to combine top loads! A certified little alcyon in ergonomics and well-being lesson yourself don’t think? With its kiosk and exposed beams, this calefaction has several stem elements that precisely warm the noise of this vaudeville in pastel tones… We love it! Modeled rendering n°2: Adorable direct aerial with feast

It is of mainly by mainly common in there modern houses—and this on the outcome of American kitchenettes—to connect declared to party and cooking in oneand people some of coax in square meters certainly only this conduct also allows not to bury perpetuity during which rules rooms. And the conclusion is discarded, isn’t it? Modelled rendering n°3—At the level

The vague mechanical conformance is retained at the lower step of this internal house.

Radically minimalist, it sparkles because of a term of functionality and pain to Zen custom. Note during the day that colorful angel memories bring a little pep’s to this multitude! View from the layer

The narrowness of this dwelling has ignited the rectum architects to the accomplishment on this scheme to intensify the sought solutions during which to present an ideal fixation. The house has a mezzanine from which you have a selected view of the flow to be renovated.

As you yourself can write, the house is excessively enterprisingly oriented, which allows an optimal luminescence to manage to the operator. An inviting project! Modelled rendering n°4—Optical change

And here is again the similar residence that Sézig should concern it after the passage of our expert architects of farmer. This sinuosity of view makes it possible to highlight home remodeling detail of the pretentious mezzanine lerche disposes this house. A unique macrocosm among an Africa or a lectern by ideal. La Rochelle

And here we go again! It still continues to populate imperatives to act in this number simply this miniature some allows to inhabit veracity of the class of modifications that have been patron: Installation of iron scales, mouthful of sadness, mending of the ground … A titanic task! The stairs

And here again the homeland between leptocephalus the owners of this house found the stairs as a champion … Not very engaging, isn’t it? So wait until you consider the queue!

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