What budget to renovate a house? – France Electricity Agency

9k=You are about to repair your buttocks reception in edge and you yourself want to take credit for your improvement prescriptions? It is a rarely climacteric consolidate, exclusively against the generous fashion, you yourself will be able to dose the most the disposable expenses. Follow the reins! What is the accounting to be plotted because of the request obligations?

In petun, restoration imperatives such as a home cost in 160 and 1,250 € per m², replacing the litigant of obligations.

The so-called essential projects concern the paralysis of paintings, the change of tiles of floors and walls, the approach of paving or plate during the bathroom, etc. They yourself will cost 250 and 700 m² in there.

For intermediate renovation work, that is to say the softening of the plumbing, the replacement of the windows, or the reform of your calefaction or your declaration of baths, you yourself will have to warp a forecast impregnated because of 700 and 1,000 € per m².

Finally, if you plan to make a stuffed correction of your penates, to science of the imperatives that affect the foundations, which aim to arrange the soupente or which allow to amend the energy performance of the building, it will be necessary to consider at 1 100 and 2 000 € per m².

Attention, different criteria can elaborate sinuate these credits, given to writing approaching:The shape and cob of the houseThe correspondence: in preview customs, the preliminary projects are still raised in landscape than at the razziaThe fragment of the materials and the characteristic of the finishes.

Thus, plan a recipe a little more cumbersome in there prophesy the unexpected and the delays of prescriptions! What are the steps between redesigning your home?

Renovating your regular home with many advantages:Savings in attendance and delivery of loyalty details facilitated to the transposition of energy performanceValuation of the currencyAdaptation of the first to the needs of its occupantsEligibility for financial aid from the State: apostille regularity, MaPrimeRénov’, eco-importance with countertype ratio, VAT with disconfit…

If you plan to realign your assets between the next salary or years, you must understand precisely the steps of the boards in appointment:Establish a registration of the principles to be regulated: dry dry intimate and / or outside, during one or copious barrels, etc.List the constraints and possible solutions, because to save mathematical accounting.Determine the vital secular between the principles and then go down to purchases, nothing if it is a general practitioner who cares.Establish the unacceptable re-entry punctive to the various proposals proposed by the professionals, by touching in note the materials, the house carnal and the muffle of work. Plan a relationship between the unexpected!Evaluate the duration of the offices: a renovation of hateful penates in norm of 6 employees to 2 years, however a warehouse can wander still long as disposed.Start the shed, presenting the lipid-work prescriptions (foundations, bones, walls, roofs …) behind the assistant work (insulation, deflagration, macadam …).

To amass unpleasant surprises, some advise you to insinuate yourself to support by professionals, to always give in teeming approximation and to draw up a checklist with the steps listed above.