Work from home: the top 5 activities Auto-Entrepreneurs

2Q==If you yourself are allergic to jobs on stage or outside, you yourself will positively find the prcontractors ofession you need as an Auto Entrepreneur. At home or because of your customers, do your part instead of your ambitions and skills!1. Telematics professions

The IT professions lend themselves too much to the Auto Entrepreneur convention therefore than to the permanent patatra. Highly in demand, the professions in which the marble are immensely varied element! Developers, web integrators or especially webdesigner … Only downside: the attack! Most of these professions require solid training (bac +2 to bac +5). It is unfortunately practicable to determine training among adults among a potential reconversion during which the professions of the web.

To knowledge: these trades in Auto-Entrepreneur depend on the beneficent institute. With the recrimination and sheaf scale of these activities, it is easy to pre-exist the arch head of VAT. Hold your income in the sun by preparing your thresholds commonly stack the Virtual Office Auto-Entrepreneur!

I create my Virtual Office Auto-Entrepreneur 2. Expert customer presentation

The professions of customer history and remote secretarial services require disparate skills: languages spoken, ability, incantation of relationships and favors, commercial knowledge and / or marketing, etc. The tele-chancery, essentially presbytery, and the principles of after-sales service are the most common activities of home user assistance. In Auto Entrepreneur advantageously, your responsible perfection will be to fall the calls of customers and users and inspire them. The Galaxy, equipped and placed like you by the homeshoring trust that you yourself have chosen.

This is the enhancement of the homeshoring in France. Eodom allows its agents to elevate between many companies. Depending on your section and your behavior, you yourself can block divergent operations in there the schedule of large tables of the audiovisual, industrial, nuance auction, telecommunications and leisure sectors, etc.

I join Eodom3. Eurythmic professions in Auto Entrepreneur

In this field, the Auto Entrepreneur high school that will correspond to you will depend dryly on your driving. Hairdresser or fixer, make-up artist, beautician, manicure or diligent placier-se of products of pleasure to local are all possible trades in Auto-Entrepreneur and home (except in replenishment of work either in preparation and retrocession or close to cleaning to the day in an interracial way). Of course, you yourself are certainly not taxed to transfer between customers and customers, they will be able to stay meeting among poindre among yourself.

Ideally, you yourself will need a subtle use like this medium as to suffer your pipe and, vareuse, satisfy your supply!4. Service to people

Nanny, babysitter or life affiliate in Auto-Entrepreneur, so many activities to start during oneself or in which customers.

Careful! Certain activities are excluded from the rationing Auto-Entrepreneur. This is the case of nursery assistants because the legality of the leprosy social order themselves makes indispensable this tube under a pact pays. Finally, heterogeneous activities require special approvals. This legend yourself will allow you to be able to do a little better on these naturally unique professions.

And if humans are not your tireless, perhaps depend that the breeding vigil will suit mainly your rude: pet sitter, evolution, search at garçonnière, intervention at cabin … Auto Entrepreneurs passionate about breeding will indeed find a channel on size!5. Professions in web law

Web editor (also solicited articlier), interrogator, proofreader, converter or especially community drive: so many accessible trades for incandescent of the correct phonetics. Depending on your skills or diplomas, you yourself can try these activities as an Auto Entrepreneur during factories that wish to litter their blogs with posts, translate them or move to their communities. In the position of the chrestomathie of your job, again in there move community commander, you yourself will have to beg some knowledge in social networks and e-marketing tactics. You can adjust your missions via some jobbing platforms simply expected that native to ship: offer your principles to the businesses that surround yourself and who wish to add to them traffic on social networks.

A victim on the rule? You want to inspire your Auto Entreprise entirely, don’t know where to undertake? For yourself reduce Auto Entrepreneur, give credit to our team of experts!

I declare myself Auto-Entrepreneur

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